Question: are the lvl 100 ul crafted weapons worth crafting?


Jul 22, 2019
are the lvl 100 ul crafted weapons worth crafting?
i have a lot of lvl 100 ul weapon recipes (i dont know the weapon's lvl is says they need lvl 100 to be maxed)
my question is are these any good to the buyers below 100 ?
i know they sell (from looking at the history) what i want to know is are they good for low lvl hunters compared to lets say ul lvl 10 weapons?
i heard somewhere that you have to max a weapon to be eco and honestly i don't know why somebody buys these weapons.
if they have value to the buyer i will craft and sell them if not i won't craft them
i don't want to sell a product that the buyers will hate me for selling


Apr 21, 2007
Auction room somewhere...
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Maria Mesh
Loot 2.0 made them more useful than they previously were, also the change that happened a couple of years before that helped also. IMHO the high dps weapons are worth having since they are just fun to hunt with even if they are uneco vs some alternative L stuff... especially if you just want to grind through some little mission or the other... example I did most of the cyrene fap upgrade stuff and a few small iron missions that I wanted to complete just highest dps shriek I could craft and a Katsuichi Determination... It was highly uneco to do that but it was fun and didn't take a lengthy amount of time.

It's also nice to have variety of weapons... one for long range, one short range, and a few for melee... if you mix and match stuff you'll up some skills a lot more than if you just do one weapon forever as some do.