Selling: ArMatrix LR-40, FEN Edition tier 2.99

Captain Jack

Dec 28, 2010

Have you been desiring a versatile and economical mid level weapon to grind with? Want to experience the DPP of an Imk2 but don't have the skills to really benefit from one? Or perhaps you've found a mob to hunt that brings you so close to profit that you can almost taste it and just need that little extra push... Well there is good news! The search is over, and you have arrived.

The ArMatrix LR-40 FEN Edition features DPP which surpasses that of an Imk2, and boasts an efficiency rating which surpasses all but three of the pre-2.0 weapons. 85 meters of range gives you the ability to eliminate defensive costs and even hunt in the legendary Earth Shock Trooper armor without decay! With these advantages on top of a remarkably low level requirement to use, there is little question why the LR-40 FEN Edition is one of the most popular mid level grinding weapons to date.

Give yourself the edge you've been needing to make a serious go of sustainable hunting practices, and take this fine rifle home today.

All serious offers will be considered.

Items of interest include high end (F) armors, and Christmas Ring 2017/2018.
Items not of interest will be considered at an "easy sell" value.
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