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Nov 10, 2009
Calypso Rescue Team
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New York Rose
Atlas Haven Radio is in process of making the best website and renewing the very best radio in Entropia Universe!

We are now open to DJ's and any old or new player who would love to join us!

Soon....I mean soon.

We are setting up all DJ's so if you are new or old please message me or go to discord:

In Entropia Universe we are the number 1 radio station and if you want to showcase your talent..Here is your chance!

Presently, you wont hear as we are adding content and under construction, so message us.

Hi everyone it's Tia!
After taking over for David I have started the editing of the new site. The plugin was giving false readings of malware so i decided to get the site professionally done :) I have the team coding the website as we speak.. I wanted to give the site a new look while trying to remain recognizable for you all :) and I a few added benefits that I hope you will all like but, As Rose said we are looking for Dj's and the time is perfect to join and drop some tunes and discussions etc soon :)
As always.. from the people for the people :) Come join the origional entropia radio station :)

Can't give you the exact day of completion but will keep you posted.

AHR Temp link In the meantime :) join us on discord and listen