FYI: Attention all Entropia Universe participants in the US who have registered a withdrawal

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Jun 4, 2011
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MindArk will start using PayPal for transferring withdrawals starting with participants in the US.

Today Entropia Universe via MindArk sends all its payments/bank transfers to US-residents to Bank of America, we have been informed that Bank of America will increase their fees (starting July 1, 2015) and they will start charging an itermediary fee of 30USD, that on top of the fee that your bank charge you for receiving the transfer.

All Entropia Accounts in the US that have registered a withdrawal have received an email to their email registered in EU about this.

If you want your withdrawal to be transferred a bit more rapidly and with a cheaper rate, create a PayPal account and email your Paypal address in a support case under the Withdrawal category.

We will then transfer your withdrawal amount to your PayPal account and you will not be charged any fees for the transfer, if you choose to not do so and your withdrawal is due, the payment will be sent via bank transfer and bank fees will be about 36USD in total.

Further information:

  • This option is today only available for residents in the US that have made a withdrawal in USD
  • It is not MindArk that deducted the $30 intermediary fee from the amount, the feel will be deducted during the transfer

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