Beauty Profession bugs - Camera Issues and General chat missing


Nov 10, 2005
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Bendak Starkiller Mandalore

I noticed while doing some beauty work on some clients on Arkadia that my chat wasn't updating properly while he was accepting the procedures - it actualy deleted my main chat's content at some points and then recovered from it later. This issue made me confused as I was not able to confirm if payment was being done properly and if the procedure had been canceled or not (as this is reported on the chat for beauticians).

I also noticed that the clients have to click V constantly now to get into the right third person view during changes, as the camera by default puts people in first person mode. This should be a bug I would say, as before it was working properly by automaticaly putting it in third person.

Would like to take the chance to say something positive aswell, the new way the beautician works on the client is a lot better with a unified 2nd person view! no longer 3 buttons, just one now. Thank you.

Please do read this and try to fix it, it's a profession that needs a lot more attention than it has got over these years / decade.

Best regards,