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Apr 6, 2006
La Faction Beta
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Sorg Sorg Sorg

I'm selling my beauty chairs.

Body sculpting unit (TT=40.6ped)
Face sculpting chair (TT=29.73ped)
Hairstylist chair (TT=20.91ped)

Rather sell this as a bulk. If you're interested in this don't hesitate to drop me an offer.
Bought all those for about 5k5 few years ago.

Didn't sold in auction, so 4k for the chairs builk anyone?

SB : 3k
BO: 4k

Also selling the apartment : TI city Silver 3E



3k SB met.
Auction end 24th april 2011, 20:00 MA time.
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a sad sales thread! Good luck in the future Sorg!
Dang... selling. :(

I was just talking to someone last night about your service...
Sorry to hear you are selling, best of luck to you.
Thats a shame, I always knew you as the guy to go to. Hopefully someone carries on the tradition and you get a good price

I haven't been able to keep Sorgette ingame :/
Please, nobody buy his stuff :D
beauty is bad :S

yes i thinked of quiting too, but ill try to stick with it for some time....sad u going away gl ....
Main reason i'm leaving is not because of the game, it's just because i've others projects IRL and a lot less free time.

I haven't been online in the past 2 years anyway! Nothing to be sad about, even if i must say that it was a quite emotionnal choc to see that apartment all empty, and being able to do only the basic cuts :laugh:.

Thx for the nice comments though, and bump!
5k BO for the chairs+toolkits BUMP
Bump! No offer at all? Last call before going to auction!
Didn't sold in auction, so BUMP for new BO
Subscribing for now ;)
Bump bump!!!
THx Skyblood, so SB met.

Just noticed i didn't set rules on time and so, so if it's ok with you Skyblood, i'll let the bidding go until monday 24 april 2011, 20:00 MA time.

I hope that's ok!


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