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Sep 4, 2008
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BIG Industries
Event Services

BIG Industries Event Host Team

Event Creation:
With a good understanding for the dynamics involved in events I have the ability to help you design and structure an event that suites your needs. I have an efficient and hard working team of promoters, and representatives that are coordinated to maximize the event experience, exposure, and take care of the needs of both participants and sponsors. There are also free promotional percs that come with hiring BIG Industries to manage your events.The following are some examples of events I have both created and managed in the past as well as ongoing events I still oversee.

The Tax Man Cometh / Tax Man Reloaded
Land Grab Reactivation
Fish In a Barrel
500 Ped Free Trox Hunt
Miners Quest 2k
Atrox Grinder 300<-------------------- Over 100 events!!
3k PED Atrox Grinder
EBOA Circuit
Allophyl Treasure Hunt
Golden Carriage Awards<-------EP News Article
Death Race
Tetania's Grunion run
Tetania's Neconu 100
EXO-Hunt 50
Meat Grind
Danimals Tax Back
Iron Hunter
Iron Miner
Miners Mapping Challenge-Sub event of Iron Miner
Argonaut l Iron Grind
Longu l Iron Grind
Danimals Skill Giveaway
Estophyl Massacre
EstoGRIND 150
Digital Abduction Gear Giveaway l Hunter Edition
Digital Abduction Gear Giveaway l Miner Edition
Digital Abduction Gear Giveaway l Crafter Edition
Atrox Event Series
Avenge the Bear
Allo Stalker Grind
Atrax & Chomps on OLA55
Estophyl at Estofield
8K monthly on OLA1
BIG Industries Weekly 3k
Quad-Wing Giveaway
BIG Rewards Program
BIG Industries 5000 Ped Weekly Event
5K Stalker Challenge
Sweating Support Initiative
Summer Jam
100,000 PED Supernova
BIG Rewards Progressive
Summer Jam
The Aftermath

Event Management:
Once the concept of the event is in place, there are many components that go into making that event as successful as possible. Proper structuring of a thread, understanding of event dynamics, proper marketing, and public/participant relations are some of the main area's that will be handled professionally and efficiently through my service. I have built a network of promoters, designers, and translators to allow your event to grab attention and reach the appropriate audience. Management can be provided for both events I construct for you, or simply as a behind the scenes service to compliment your current event plans.

My compensation is custom to each event I am part of, typically I will charge on a scale that rewards based on the success of the event. Though flat rate compensation is always an option if you prefer.

I operate under the assumption that all communications with regard to this and any of my other services are to be kept in confidence.

Simply send me a PM here on Entropia Forum, or post in this thread that you wish to be contacted. All communications about the details of potential events should be sent via PM or an email address that will be given to you after initial contact.

Mission Statement:
All events hosted by BIG Industries will be treated with the highest level of professionalism. We strive to ensure everyone involved in our organization and events have a pleasurable experience and are treated fairly. We hold ourselves to high standards when it comes to respect of our fellow Entropians and strive to always do what is morally justified even if the "laws" do not restrict our actions or those of our events participants. We expect this same same fair play and application of morals from all involved in our events. We make these statements in the hope that everyone who participates in our events can do so with confidence that they are in good hands. We reserve the right to exclude any individual from our events if we feel they are creating an unfair environment within our events or treating other participants or members of BIG Industries with blatant disrespect. We will be be flexible but we will always have the greater good of all our participants at the forefront of our actions. We appreciate your support of our events and will continue to improve everything we do to provide you with the positive enjoyable environment that you deserve.


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