FYI: Black Talon Company PAYS YOU

Nov 26, 2018
Black Talon Company
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Therial Von Baine
Tired of sweating for little to no ped?
Dream of being a hunter with lots of peds or wanting to atleast break even?

Black Talon Company is recruiting.

Now this might sound crazy but!


We pay our Mercenaries 1 PED a day.Yes,I am paying YOU to play.

We offer free ped of gear,guns and ammo to each and every member.
We also offer paid ranked positions in the society.

Rules of Black Talon Company

1. Everyone in the society gets 1 ped per day, YES I PAY YOU to play. Collect your weekly 7 PED every Sat/sun at 20:00 EST

2. Must be active for 2 weeks(14 days) minimal to recieve the starter package of eco gun,ammo and armor roughly 30 PED. After your inital 2 weeks, depending on how active you're determines if you get your starter package. No point in giving gear to dead accounts.

3. We offer ranked positions in our society that do have pay incentives. Such as free PED loans, free PED of ammo or a monthly PED income.

Goals of Black Talon Company

1. To unite a player base under 1 banner for the same cause, to make PED
2. We will be training sweaters and recruits into professional hunters,miners or crafters.
3. Jump start new players with available funding.

Results of Black Talon Company

Free Ammo
Free Armor
Big hunts.
Veteran advice.

You might ask, "Is this a scam? How does your society make money?"

Well, i pay you directly out of my pocket which comes from either my hunts or actual bank account in the civilian world. This society is nothing but a benefit to all.

If interested, Please message me in game, mail me or send an application for my Society

To give you an idea, You can spend 2,154 PED or $215.40 on a Calypso land deed and only make 3.5 PED a week, or you can join us and make 7 PED a week without an investment. You'll get to enjoy the team aspect and having a society that supports and molds you.

Find me in-game if interested. This is one of the best offers you could find in Entriopia

Therial Von Baine

Black Talon Company
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