Buying: Buying all types of pets


Apr 27, 2021
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joseph Mrjoe perez
Hello im buying pets. Dont post on thread as id like to keep it clear besides bumps, just private message me here or in the game which im usually more active on.
1. I am a reseller i usually make a offer where I know i will make 30-50% on the sale, pets are a slow market so I think the risk im occuring as a buyer is worth the price.
2. No NI or common pets, ( this also means things like blue lep, sapphire chirin etc) the only exception is the hogglo pets.
3. I mainly buy lvl 1s please dont offer me fully unlocked stuff. ( I do this to keep a mental price guide of whats worth what)
4. If youd like to know why i offer a certain price for something feel free to ask me as I will give you a honest explanation of what im going to sell it for and how much im making off of it.