Californian judge passes verdict regarding "virtual ownership"


Mar 11, 2006
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mike Futurama anderson
As I see it that is a problem that mindark will have to address in the future, because all the hype is about XY bought TI/FOMA/CP for XXXXX amount of dollars (while all that the owners really have is a nominal value at 1 pec) or XY looted 33.000 USD creature (who is the owner of that? Did he loot for himself or MA?) and the most important is the RCE aspect (real cash economy implying that you own real cash not monopoly money) which again is emphasized by the convertability to US dollars. All these ads/PR give the impression of ownership which are contradictory with EULA/TOU. So mindark are either doing advertisements that are misleading (which is severely sanctioned by swedish law) or they will have to change that when it will be contested by some1 or (inter)national law will start to address virtual ownership.

Nuff of me rambling about, getting late and I'm probably writing incoherently, will check upon my post tomorrow and make amends if necessary.
Yes, this could be an issue - it may give the wrong impression...


Jan 26, 2006
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Leona DaVinci
There are only one place in sweden where th US law is in action, US embassy.
Yea, i really should stop smart assing but can't help it. :)

Nope, swedish law applies in the US embassy in Sweden. Embassies are not extraterritorial as many people think or movies would suggest.

There are of course issues to, in example, get local law enforcement in without permission in case. Plus diplomatic immunity.

But say two non diplomats have a brawl in the US embassy in Sweden then swedish law applies just fine and will be executed.

But i get your point. :laugh: