Can/Will MindArk Ever Give Priority to Revitalizing PvP?

Captain Jack

Dec 28, 2010
The cost of PvP is significant, especially compared with returns, and this has resulted in a relatively sparse participation in PvP.
Many solutions have been proposed to reduce costs, including but not limited to:
- Reduce cost/shot in PvP to 10% of present on any shots landed on a player.
- Eliminate the expenditure of ammo/decay on missed shots in PvP.
- Implement a cost-based, shrapnel-only loot formula to players (and vehicles), and make return % comparable to that of hunting (perhaps even implement a Player Looter profession?)
Any of the previously mentioned solutions would provide a significant improvement to PvP and likely spur a revival of PvP as a sport - both in lootable and non lootable zones.

PvP is very hands-on and engaging
, thrilling, and motivational. It cannot be done mindlessly.
PvP participation gives the thrill of a fight, the frustration of defeat, and the euphoria of triumph in victory. This strong palate of emotions gives the game some much needed vibrance.
PvP motivates players to improve their avatars to improve their chances of success in combat. This results in a significant increase in turnover in all professions as players push to develop their avatars.
PvP stimulates the economy. To improve their odds in combat, PKers aggressively pursue the acquisition of higher end equipment. To improve their equipment, PKers spend more on item tiering than what would be practical for traditional hunters. In their pursuit of avatar development (described above), PKers purchase materials to craft, amplifiers and tools to mine, weapons/armor/healing tools to hunt, and even spacecraft to diversify their skill sets for maximum HP.

Can/will MindArk ever give priority to revitalizing PvP?

Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

Very respectfully,

Captain Jack


Feb 15, 2017
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Vandal VandalHand Hand

Within my time spent on Entropia Universe, the majority of it has been related to PvP - whether it's skilling towards more HP, a new and bigger weapon for it, etc.
With this comes a great passion for it, along with a deep mutual respect and bond with / for the other Entropia Universe participants who also enjoy it.

I think we (the participants) all agree that fair gameplay should be the priority within PvP, especially within a RCE (Real Cash Economy) game.
Currently, I have doubts that anything robust monitoring for fair gameplay is currently implemented, or enforced.

So, my question:
Are you planning to take any significant steps towards preventing use of cheating within PvP?