Chapter 2 A Bumpy Start, Dealing with incompetent Bureacracy


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“What do you mean 10K sweat !!” I screamed.

Glaring at his shifty, watery bloodshot eyes, blotchy skin, lumpy booze blossom of a nose, I felt an overpowering urge to reach over grab his scrawny pencil neck & squeeze.
“Now Miss, settle down now, do I need to call Security”?
I suddenly remembered the presence of all the armed guards I had barely noticed when I had disembarked; maybe this type of scenario had happened before.
I would have to adopt a more polite and conciliatory manner.
Pulling out the official paperwork I had regarding my application & approval for coming to Arkadia, I held it under his nose stabbing my finger at the relevant sections.
“Look tard” I said “here & here and yet again here, do you see anything about 10K sweat?
It says everywhere free & welcome. I assume you can read and that inbreeding amongst your forbears has not depressed your IQ that much – has it?”

His smug answer was almost too much to bear. “Of course it is free to come here and you are so welcome, what the 10K sweat is for is to get a passport. To fully take advantage of all the goodies that the paradise that is Arkadia has to offer, you need a passport!

You are welcome to stay here for free as a stateless person, there are plenty of menial jobs to do that and I am sure you will be very good at, you seem to have the capabilities & temperament. But to demonstrate that you have what it takes to be a proper citizen (which I doubt—snigger) you have to collect 10K sweat.”

“Of course it does not say that anywhere, you have to firstly ask, and you will be told, like I’m telling you now” he smugly stated.

What could I do, I started to blubber “But my Darling Slack would have asked & he would have been told – yet he mentioned nothing to me” I sobbed.

“Slack, you know my good drinking buddy Slack? Oh you must be his squeeze then, he has told us so much about you” he leeringly said.

“Actually he mentioned that you would be collecting 10K sweat on his behalf as well, he usually hangs out at the Moonshine Bar in Celeste city, a couple of days journey south – he does most of his business there, though strangely he has not been in touch, seems to have disappeared, but the Moonshine Bar would be a good place to start looking”

“Just take care on the way there, there may be dangerous animals”.

Slack was not here to meet me, and is missing, there must be trouble, I must go to him – like straight away. He must be saved.

“Why thank you Mr Passport Officer for all your help. Maybe I will meet you in PvP someday”

“AAh yes sweetie” he replied – “I often go there to protect the Pandi Pups from the depredations of bad people. See you are learning some responsibilities already – maybe there is hope for you” he beamed.

“Sure, the eer, Pandi pups count on seeing me there (you wanker)”

I was able to call upon some natural skills, I rolled a few drunks, inspired shoplifting & stealthy muggings, I had enough peds to obtain a crappy TT gun for protection. Jogging and hitching rides I was on my way south to find my Darling.