Chapter 4 Destiny & Redemption


Jan 15, 2015
Naval Station Triton
The Society
Avatar Name
Louise Ranavolana Brooks
“Move up to the circle you stupid noob”

I was dozing again, almost delirious with fatigue. I have been working 22 hours a day gathering life force from Nusuls, who instead of loving the experience objected strongly, kicking and biting at every opportunity

My yellow onesie, instead of being the sexy fashion statement I once thought it was, identified me as one of the lowest of the low, a “stoopid noob” who “neva does nothing rite. Always goin AFK & stoppin us getting what we wants & deserves”.

All the cool people seemed to sweat (yes that’s what they call it) in sexy microskirts & undergarments. All the while rabbiting on how good they were & yelling insults at us noobs in that whiney irritating Arkadian accent.

Obviously there must be another way to earn peds, “Think Louise Think” I thought. Gotta be something I could do/am good at

A while later after forwarding yet more peds to my Darling & checking out the shops for new clothes, I realised I was feeling a bit...guilty.

I was hunting the mobs around Celeste and each time as I blasted one with my laser, as it died in terror & agony, I seemed to see my Darlings face instead of its own – why was this happening? Was I missing Slack that much?.

I did not know what to do everything seemed so grey & foreboding.

But as I walked the streets of Celeste, suddenly a beam of sunlight blazed down, illuminating the sign on a building.

Father Jack Hackett’s Temple of Love and Forgiveness; Halos polished – Karmic Debts Removed – Absolution Granted.

It indeed is a sign, I hurried up the steps through the door and there was the saintly man himself. As he quickly put aside a bottle & turned to meet me I thought “ Wow, he must keep holy water in whiskey bottles he has so much of it – I have come to the right place”.

“What can I do for you My Child” he intoned .

It struck me – he looked familiar – “Are you related to a certain Passport Officer “ I questioned.

“Why yes, Fred is my brother, he got the good looks in the family, but we all serve as we can.”

“Father I need redemption I sobbed”.

“ Well come this way to the confessional & lets sort this out.”

In the confessional I fell to my knees intoning the ancient ritual.

“Father forgive me for I have sinned”

“Tut tut My Dear, what seems to be the problem” came the response.

“Oh Father, I have exchanged my virtue for material possessions; namely full sets of Ma’ketta & Hoplite armour (F) of course, A Terratech PH3, a an Xtent 3 light Rifle plus a102 enhancer Tiered to level 2, with laser sights plus ammo, various items of clothing & underwear, just to name a few”

“All that for your virtue my child, seems you got a very good bargain”


“Were your “friends” disabled in any way?”

“Well not really legally blind bu........”

“Enough!” Shouted the good Father –“ your immortal soul is in mortal peril, you must be redeemed ASAP. Tell me everything – in great detail – everything that happened. Were you naked??”

“Well not to start with” I was wearing a havoc thong, an enigma bra – you know the translucent one, and foxy high stiletto boots. Undulating slowly I was purring in a husky voice “Hey big boy. Feeling se.....”

“Father, is this really necessary?”

“Oh yes my child “ quickly came the reply “In order to remove the stain of sin we, I mean you must fully relive it – now keep going and try to put more life and excitement into your recounting”.

Sadly I recounted all the details of my sordid escapades, and as I approached the sorry sinful climax, I became aware of gaspings and pantings in the next booth – as I got there, “Aaaaregh, eeerghh” was shouted out. I felt even more discouraged – the litany of my sins had so outraged this saintly man, it sounded like he was having a heart attack.

“Father are you all right I exclaimed”

“My Dear, (gasp) your sins, your many sins, are forgiven (pant) subject to you paying a penance – as the desire for peds caused your fall from grace, so paying peds can redeem you”.

A grasping hand was shoved through the window in the booth “pay all the peds you are carrying to me and I will ensure that they go to needy widows & orphans. From your encounters I suspect you would be too exhausted to take the peds to them yourself”

Father Jack, always thinking of the welfare of others I thought. Placing all my peds into his palm – while taking care not to touch it – seemed strangely damp & sticky. The ceremony was complete – I had received absolution – I was redeemed!!

“Hallalulah, I am born again “ I cried skipping down the steps from Father Jacks Chapel I felt so much lighter spiritually (and financially )

“Whenever I need rel... I mean you need redemption come back – I feel this may be a regular occurrence” cried Father Jack to my retreating back.

Whatever, I had things I needed to do.

Later at RavenJades Scarlet Crypt of Shadows trying on various “clothes” Tight black leather, mesh stockings, thigh length black high heeled boots mmmmm yes, I pondered the problem I could see arising with my Darling.

His intentions were always good, his dreams were magnificent – but always seemed problems bringing them to reality. I think he needs some incentivisation I thought.

Toying idly with a Dominax Original Garter whip I had acquired, it seemed the problem was my Darling needed some “discipline”. I could supply that,

He would love it

Or soon come to learn to