Chapter Five. I have found another me


Jan 15, 2015
Naval Station Triton
The Society
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Louise Ranavolana Brooks
Time is passing. So quickly and yet it drags.

Most of my time on Arkadia now is hunting, I move I hunt I loot, I hunt almost robotically grinding away in some strange fever dream.

But I can never seem to amass enough peds to bring my original hopes to reality. These seem unreal now, impossible and ridiculous. Reality has changed since the letter.

Yet it does not seem to matter, anymore. I am aware I have changed both physically and mentally. Burned black by Arkadia’s pitiless sun, my being seems to have been stripped down to its bare essentials. Steel hard muscles, implacable will and a calm deadly intent. Any remorse & pity have been burned away.

The beauties & terrors of the Arkadian landscape are nothing to me now. Its burning deserts, freezing snows, dark jungles, pleasent glades leave me untouched. . No longer a rather pretty young girl, but I have become another me is seems.

Did I mention the letter?

Things changed after my Darling Slack wrote that he has found someone new and that he hopes we will still remain good friends and that my generosity will continue.

Hi Louise,
I know how much you love me I don’t blame you for that, so I don’t want you to feel bad or to blame in any way. But I have found another love. As you had not arrived and left me lonely & by myself, I happened to be walking back to my accommodation from the local tavern (I only frequent these places to look for job opportunities you understand). And ahead of me under a street lamp I saw a young lady – she looked lost & I was worried she may be accosted by unsavoury types.
So I walked up to her and endeavoured to set her at ease with my charm and wit. So I said to her “hello young lady, are you a virgin?” Her reply “I was until now you smooth talking adventurer”.
And that is how I met Anny. Not only beautiful, but do you know she keeps records of every word spoken by every person in this universe – what dedication, she could be an example for you to try to emulate you know, its just disappointing that you have never seemed to apply yourself like she does (do you know she showed me records of your conversations – with swear words and off colour jokes. I was embarrassed for your sake, you came across as rather.....common).

Anyway, I don’t want you to feel too badly about this – try to get over me and put our relationship behind us as I have done. We could still be friends and when I am away from my & Anny’s love nest and at a loose end – we could get together & discuss “old times” nudge nudge wink wink”
Your Darling Slack.
PS Would you send some more funds

Naturally I replied. In my letter with a stack of bills

My Dearest, it does not matter I replied, have your fun, for when I sent you all those peds I was buying you. You are bought, I own you, I own you completely and when I am ready I will come for you and we will always be together, for eternity. I hope he will love the new me, but it is immaterial, he will in time, I will ensure it.

Slack and his “friend” have fled and he thinks he is hiding from my love, poor deluded fool. I love him still and Anny’s scalp will make a nice trophy. Her head I will stick on a stake as a monument. There is much talk of erecting monuments to “worthy” people. She will make a fitting example.

I now see the dark skull behind Arkadia’s beautiful smiling face. Everything you have been told is a lie. Cannot you see that? I can and I no longer care. I am rather surprised not more people realise this.
Arkadians are living in a fool’s paradise happily playing while time is ticking away to a horrible future. The signs & portents are all before us.

Arkadia, a beautiful planet where a wise & just race of beings were exterminated by another evil race of beings called Orotans. They rob and steal and plunder. Just like us don’t you think! They probably find us as ugly as we find them.

Our whole purpose here is to loot and plunder, we do not create, we take, inasmuch as anything we do craft is made from looted/plundered things.

Every creature here – every one of them hates us and attacks us at every opportunity. They don’t view the Orotans in that light, they even seem to see them as protectors.

And have you noticed that all Arkadian creatures all are intelligent, even the hornets – individually not, they are analogues of insects, but each hive has a mind of its own rather more intelligent than us I suspect.

The creatures here all talk, I hear them in my mind chattering away their hopes, their fears, their plans & their thirst for revenge.