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Apr 12, 2021
From my work on my loot tracker (LootNanny) there are some edge cases around how combat and other information is passed to us via the chat.log file.

I have a few suggestions which will make the accuracy of the tooling we can create much better and provide a better quality of life for people looking to build on top of this information:

Add Source Item To Combat Messages

Currently, we see messages like this:

2021-09-21 09:46:26 [System] [] You inflicted 202.7 points of damage

This is the same irrespective of if the damage is a regular hitting shot or damage over time effect.

Proposed changes to use the [Subject] section in the chat log to add in more contextual information to aid in logging parsing.

2021-09-21 09:46:26 [System] [MacMahon Vengence] You inflicted 202.7 points of damage
2021-09-21 09:46:26 [System] [Arsonistic Chip 3, TEN Edition] You inflicted 57.3 points of damage
2021-09-21 09:46:26 [System] [] You inflicted 6.3 points of damage

Note the empty subject for the damage over time tick.

2021-09-21 09:46:26 [System] [Shadow Shin Guards (F)] Damage deflected!
2021-09-21 09:48:09 [System] [Shadow Helmet (F)] Critical hit - Additional damage! You took 23.2 points of damage

And for healing

2021-09-21 09:48:13 [System] [EMT kit Ek-2600, Modified] You healed yourself 52.0 points
2021-09-21 09:48:13 [System] [] You healed yourself 3.2 points

Example for lifesteal:

2021-09-21 09:48:13 [System] [MacMahon Vengance] You healed yourself 4.2 points

Loot Message Improvements

2021-11-09 16:12:36 [System] [Moloch Apprentice] You received Shrapnel x (18030) Value: 18.03 PED

Box Opening:
2021-11-09 16:12:36 [System] [Easter Strongbox] You received Hyperstim 10mg x (1) Value: 0.01 PED

2021-11-09 16:12:36 [System] [Tech Gizmo 8] You received Shrapnel x (18030) Value: 18.03 PED

I'm sure there are improvements that can be made for mining, but not much of a miner myself!

Should be a relatively small amount of work to add this in, hopefully with the move to add the loot to the chat.log MA are happier for people to be getting easier access to information on display in the game.


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Jun 24, 2012
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2021-04-06 16:12:36 [System] [Shrapnel] You received 127186 PED


Nov 29, 2021
It's important for a company to provide as accurate descriptions as possible. Leaving a void of information makes me sad :(

Please do the proposed update. The community as a whole would be grateful for such an update.


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Apr 19, 2005
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I would love to see hunting tools being able to read out and differentiate between various weapons, all with their individual setting of amplifier, laser sights, scope, enhancers and extenders.

So finally true costs are not a secret anymore.
True damage output is not a secret anymore.

Oh, all those possibilities!
Display your losses and gains over days, weeks, months, even years!
Find out that you actually are at 92% return rate and not at the felt 50% rate!

Finally MA can put so many speculations to an end, and everyone can check for themselves about their weapon efficiency, and what not!

Given, this should be an ingame feature by MA since Day 1, but as long as the player base does the better job, MA at least should be supportive and not hamper the progress.
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Jun 8, 2017
@Nanashana We as a community are here to help , we can make suggestions sure , but as a community how can we help you gather the information you need to improve your app ? I am sure everyone will agree we are all wanting an app that will keep up with everything as far as ped out or into our accounts. So we are open to anything you need for future improvements. Just let us know how we can help :)