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May 13, 2006
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Ian Goose Macdonald
cK Shadows are looking for some new friends and team mates to join our now growing SOC.

Firstly, we are a Sister SOC to the famous cK. We have many close bonds with cK and join in many activities with them. Many of our members look to join cK (and some have) when we have grown in skills equipment and most of all, friendship!

We are a very acKtive SOC, and are currently in the TOP 50 Most skilled SOC`s in Entropia.

We are looking for new AcKtive members who are;

Commited to growing their skills and Equipment,
Have a Belief in Entropia and its success,
Equiped to do the Job in hand!

If YOU Believe you have the attitude, skill and gear to bring something to cK Shadows, then feel free to drop me a msg and we can meet up, have a chat and take things from there :)

Alternatively, you can apply via cK`s website posting some information about yourself.
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As General of cK Shadows I would like to invite all good people that Goose has described in the opening post.... If you think you fit the description then get in touch ;)

Trustworthy, AcKtive and wanting to build friendships between our Shadows members as well as cK themselves are our highest priority! Total skills are not!

It is important to mention that by joining cK Shadows it is not a first class ticket into cK. Only friendship, trust and building a solid relationship will get you there and this will take alot of time. But, during this time you will be part of a dedicated soc, have chances to hunt mobs you never thought you could and occationally taste EU at the highest level :D

We are looking forward to meeting you!


ps, cK Shadows does not require you to be a pvp expert. However, some members do enjoy a rig run after a few beers :beerchug:
I'm interested in joining. Is there a min skill requirement at all?
I'm interested in joining. Is there a min skill requirement at all?

Yes and no :D

15k of scanning skills wont get you very far and thats why total skill isn't important. What we are looking for is people who have good skills in thier chosen profession, some gear to carry this through and a community spirit.

We like our top 50 rank but can see the benifits of more good members. Don't get me wrong, we still intend on being a top 50 soc but are eager to take new people in who enjoy EU and have a positive contribution....

A good personality and some team hunting is much better than 5k "scan human" skill dont you think?

Pm Goose and lets meet up :cool:
I beleave it is 100k min. reguirement check thier website.

Yes Queen, that was a limit we set a while ago - but now I think things are better with regards to picking the right people :cool:

100k plus is nice but no longer set in stone.

It should be noted that we are not dropping our standards but looking at players in a more constructive way than alot of top 50 soc's do, a player is a package not a number of total skill.

Good luck in getting some more members :)

Nice soc, nice people and a great attitude!
Greeting and a bump. Good luck in your search and may you find a bunch of cool additional peoples.
:cool: if only u could kill me in pvp Goose.. then I might consider it :laugh:

gl with the recruitment and bump to a great soc ( but how on earth did a bird get into the group :scratch2:)
Good Luck with your search Goose :)

Yes, Welcome Back Zapforker :yay:

And Welcome to all our new members and a big thanks to all who have messaged me, and sorry if its taking me a while to get in touch with some of you.

If you are interested in joining us post here or drop me a PM.

If you could include a little more information about yourself when you do, such as goals, equipment, items of interest, skills and what you are aiming for in this Great Universe of ours, it would be a massive help.

Many thanks all and Good Luck in whatever you do :)
Lots of great people in this soc, join them if you can :cool:

Looking forward to meet some of your new members next time I join one of your hunts :)
Hey guys, I might be interested in joining. A big part of games for me has always been the community, and that has always been lacking for me in entropia. I notice you guys have a teamspeak module on your homepage but the contents are broken. Do you still use teamspeak? Mostly an english speaking soc? Sorry for all the questions but I want to join a soc that really fits me, you guys seem to fit the bill just wanted to find out more details.
bump for this awesome soc :yay:

Hi guys, just a quick update :)

We have had some great people apply, and thank you all that have sent me Pm`s.

We are now up to 14 great members, and SOC chat is busier than ever. Team hunts Galore :yay:

We now have some strong members to start cimbing the top-50 re#anks again and get back to where we were a few months back, so watch out Rolx, We comming for ya :sniper:
We Are curently @ Emerald lakes TP having a chat with a few people.

If ya wanna drop by in next hour please feel free :)
Good news! We met some cool people tonight :cool:

I had numerous conversations going on at the same time and being a man I obviously dont multi-task well so sorry if I seemed slow to respond :ahh:

We will be in touch and thanks for your time folks.

send a pm over a week ago answer atleast would be appreciated
great guys in this soc, join ck shadows :wtg:
send a pm over a week ago answer atleast would be appreciated

Sorry to hear this Mango, no pm here so I guess you sent it to Goose (as all peeps should). Maybe he has got overloaded with pms as it seems very busy with applicants so just forward your message to me so we can meet up.

Mistakes happen like this and I hope you understand.

Just replied to your pm as Tekkie was typing this lol

Yes, I had alot of PMs, and i delt with them a few at a time, rather thn all at once, so as more came in,i must have missed you in the first wave :(. I am really sorry i missed replying to yours and I have just been back through to make sure everyone has had a resonse.

You were the only one i missed i believe, and i`m REALLY sorry about that. PM has now been sent.
Any more friendly active Entropians out there who feel they have the right stuff to help our society progress?
Looking back over this thread you'll get an idea of whats required but for further info and a nice chat please contact Goose

Things are going well so far and we are lucky to have such an active group of quality people.
I look forward to meeting up for a society hunt with any new members :sniper:
Well i would love to join u guys, however atm theres no way i would keep up with you all, my skills are still kinda low with around 40K total skills and only 112 HP.

Maybe when i get higher ill apply, dont wanna hold you guys back :(
had to post just to put our sigs together in same page :silly2: :tongue2:

thx zap for this cool sig :dance:

TheValicurPrinc im sure tekkie or goose will answer you
Well i would love to join u guys, however atm theres no way i would keep up with you all, my skills are still kinda low with around 40K total skills and only 112 HP.

Maybe when i get higher ill apply, dont wanna hold you guys back :(

Thanks for the message, and thanks for being so honest in your post. I will keep an eye out for that application in the future ;)

We are trying to find a mix of players that will become long term members of cK Shadows. If you feel you are not ready yet don't worry but please post in this thread so we can take note of your name just as we have with TheValicurPrinc.

Still room for some more :D

Join cK-Shadows :wtg:
Been skilling like mad the last week to get my combat up, going slooow though, need to stay out of PVP as well ;)

Hope to join you guys sometime soon, after speaking to cK Shadows members I can definately recommend them as a soc worth joining.

err....bump I guess.