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Self-requested Deactivation
Apr 6, 2013
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Acronoid seized to exist a while back.

This doesn't mean that I stopped playing.
It rather means that I started playing again.
The reason why I closed my account that I started in 2006 is twofold.
The first is that I lost my email since I moved to a new continent and got married a couple of years ago and that email address was connected to my old email provider.

But there is another reason. A reason that struck me hard when I read about the passing of JimmyB.
I miss the excitement I used to have back in 2006-2008. When I log into the game, I am too much reminded of old glory; with a friend list mostly abandoned.
I am also confronted with my younger self every time I log in and see my avatar.
I started playing when I was 22 and was recovering from a mayor depression. And I must say Project Entropia was a healing experience which has thought me a lot about real life and people.

But now, almost 13 years later I decided to start over in EU.
I started over in RL in a sense, moving to the US, getting married and going through some personal healing.

I was not sure in the beginning since my avatar, a level 34 prospector with mid level hunting skills is a lot of investment to throw away.
But in a sense, it is a lot of baggage too.

I don't know why I was so sentimental to park my avatar at memorial island and logging out for the last time.
It is piece of me that died. It is a dream that died, to make room for new dreams.
And no longer I dream of making money from this game -I did and it was nice but not even that nice compared to some good times I used to have in game.

I'm getting way too sentimental; must be the age I guess :D

So if you come across some noob that seems to know what they are doing, it might be me; or just wait until I make a diary or some crappy poetry or loot theory thread like I used to do.
Not open for further replies.