Selling: Combat Mace MK. 6 FEN T7. Ped/trade --Price lowered!--

Throw me an offer incl a decent Gun + ped,, do some skilling and bonk away!
Bonkers! bonking bonk!
Who doesnt wanna bonk? Im soon done skilling with this hubba-klubba"
100% pill and match rhem gains, like a bodybuilder on steroids 😁💪🤙
humpty doodle doo went swinging with his doo,,,, along came cavemans hubba and bonked with his klubba
Its a mr fentastic, clubbing skilltastic.. 👉👌
Bumpalicous porntastic clubaholic.. (just the tip, its bonkers)
your link is for a fap and not the mace
Shit thats weird. Ill change it during the day when im not driving
Now the link is right :)
fuck life, be a no-lifer and grind.. and who doesnt need some effing clubskills
Updated price to current market
Throw me some offers you non-clubbing slackers
Sunday funday
Monday bumday... or well bonkday
Nice deeps grinding bb10 ezy
think of all that illegal shit you could do with this 98,8 base dps.. it smacks quite hard ;D
getting some nice skillgains with it, and who doesnt like dps and good eff, @t7 with nice amp is smacks harder then a fat bitch falling of the tailgate of a lifted truck!
Mayhem bonking
come get it, mayhem friendly skilling toy
Club club club my darling!
Buy it club it, enjoy it.. be that kinky mfer u know you are