Info: Current Withdrawal time

11/06 Initiated
18/08 Commited
About it:

After 5 bussiness day, i didnt receive the money because my account only receive EUR, when i do withdraw select USD. So, the money come back to Mindark and he take me 70USD, i send another account (Some account with SWIFT numer which receive USD) because mindark cant change currency (he can change an entire account but cant currency lol)

Because was my error, i cancel another 2 withdraws, and make a NEW withdraw in EUR to my first account, that was 28/08. Today they commited the second transfer (only after 2 days when i make withdraw)

The first withdraw initiated 11/06, chargeback to mindark and they sent me yesterday, its pending to receive yet.
Initiated 30.06.2023
Committed 13.09.2023

It was delayed because my bank account was missing a digit (i dont know why, i never edited the bank account number ingame and i did lots of withdrawals before) but after i corrected it everything was in order, support was actually quite responsive and quick to solve.