Info: Dark Matter is Recruiting


May 5, 2024
Alba Iulia, Romania
Dark Matter
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Totoian Toto Eleodor
Hello and welcome to Dark Matter society recruiting thread!

We are looking to grow our society with:
  • Active hunters that are available for team hunts that we host for every level starting from bukin rifle up to as high as you can go. Most of our team hunts happen during the week at 17:00 utc (game time) with a 50 average dps with no weapon restrictions. We are currently implementing a long night for the ones that really love to hunt.
  • Miners that are willing to help society members with resources and they are not afraid to use our TT service system to sell their ores and enmatter for a better price in auction by our leader. (basically our leader will take your loot at tt price and sell in auction for a profit that is returned to you at your next trade).
  • Crafters that are able to sustain and meet our necessities. They will benefit from our TT service inventory where they can find components and materials and buy them for a better price than in auction from our leader that will negotiate a cool deal in the seller behalf.
What we offer:
  • society hunts every Tuesday (average 50 dps), Thursday (average 7 dps) at 17:00 utc and Friday night (no dps requirements).
  • mentoring for new players if necessary, yes we accept new players that want to graduate too
  • TT Service where miners and hunters will meet crafters, free your PEDs and obtain profit from stuff that you usually throw in TT
What we need from you:
  • to be able to write and express yourself in English
  • to participate in our meetings when possible
If you like what we do and you're excited about this feel free to press F11 in game and search for Dark Matter we are open to applicants.