Selling: Ecotron v.15e SOLD

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Let's bring some attention to these weapons.
Nowadays nobody wanna own loot 2.0 weapons, why? They are expensive and the market is going down.

Solution? Buy these loot 1.5™ weapons.

The Ecotron paired with an A105 Imp squeezes out an impressive 65.4% in efficiency, the adj Boiga paired with Trauma 6 is even better at 65.5%.
Now you math wizards can open your calculator app on your phone and compare how much efficiency you get per ped compared with pumped up loot 2.0 weapons. With all the money you saved by going the loot 1.5™ weapon route, buy an Easter Ring 2022 and you'll be even better off.

You can thank me later.

I'll buy the Dominax Original Boiga Adjusted, T2.49, TIR = 73, for TT + 500
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