Info: Eleni's Face Daubing


Feb 2, 2016

I got back to drawing a bit lately, and been advised to post here. So.. Hi!

Im posting what i saved on my computer, but most are not the applied product, as i didnt capture everything i have done. I will try to do so by now, hope its ok.

Its worth what its worth but i also stream the drawing sessions if the person is happy with it - Some persons might find some interest. I cant hold the chat on Twitch tho, but feel free to meet me in-game @ Eleni Von Estlla.

Sorry im far from being a computer genius, sorry if anything goes wrong :S
I will try to update as i work.
Thank you :rolleyes:


You gained a new rank in computers skills!

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Great looking masks!

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:eek: GRATZ!!!

I didn't know we can have such kind of really nice facemask, u're an artist!

Very Nice! Another talented Artist!
Great job Eleni 's love them all :)
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-E- you got skills and way more patience than I do lol!!! Totally Awesome creations!! People you gotta come get one, I love mine:yay::yay::yay:Oh and don't foget a tip as she spends HOURS on these masks!!:eyecrazy:
nice work, welcome to the guild :p
I love yours and I love mine!
She's awesome!!
Venician Mask

This model was sure my personal ATH so far :)
We managed to create a recipe to build some gold, shining in the sunlight :p
This was an achievement :)

Thanks so much for your patience :D

:) I watched her create that mask on twitch, took her 3 long days!! Gratz -E- on an awesome creation and gratz to Soko for the mask and the patience to sit thru the process!!! Eleni you are a true Artist-E- :wtg::painter::thumbup:
I love the mask sooo much and it was well worth 25+ hours Eleni spent on it.
if you are looking for a mask Eleni is the way to go :)

I will post a video in hope Eleni doesnt mind, you guys jsut have to see the mask in live, its reflecting and way more than beautiful in sunshine :)

how much would a face mask cost with the logo on it with maybe on it as well? (if possible)

Great work by the way!
Aww thank you Soko for your nice words and the video :)

Was definitly well worth it :)

how much would a face mask cost with the logo on it with maybe on it as well? (if possible)

Great work by the way!

please PM me in game so we can detail furthe what you wish and ill dress a palette + quote :)

Nice looking masks :D

Very well done ad original hehe
I watched abit when sokos was in the making and now i saw it finished......
Holy shit thats awesome!
Great work eleni:woot::bowdown:
OMG thanks for letting me know Soko, THIS IS AWESOME :yay:

huge gz on making this Eleni :)
Simply amazing work. Cant wait to have mine done! :D
Todays realisation :)


You never cease to amaze me!! I stopped watching your stream because I want to see what you come out with at the end. I'm never disappointed!! :eyecrazy::D:yay: