Entropia History a Look Back

Jul 3, 2008
Death Unlimited
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Johan Roadkill Deadmeat
Together with a few others we got together and started writing fanfiction about entropia and i recently found my notes which contains some pretty fun facts about what's happened over the years b4 the storyline went completly dead.

Important names:

Cdf calypso defence force(
High Commander Major Jenny Carramone

Chief Engineer for the CDF
Liysa Rajamaki

spaceship crew went missing

Imperial teleportation grid (offcial name for teleport connetions)

Ebn entropia broadcst network
(Shelley nakajima,reporter, (Jason ferguson,camera man*deceased mutant fight ring*)

Prisoner DeVries, gave intel to shelly about duetchev.killed by mutants

RDI Research defence institute(HQ:pa)
Trob tedser known official

ZI zoological institute
professor Nus Magsun, missing/ dropped story line. (word play of MA employe?)

minister of culture Oxford
Cuggly barl

IMO: imperial mining office

CLEA: calypso law enforcement agency

CIS: Calypso intelligence service

governor of fort fury
Governor Dumpty (somehow involved with pgc?)

PGC: Provisional Government of Calypso(wants to end the imperial reign.)
Acting prime minister: Alexandra DeWinter. (Governor Dumpty was imprisoned but then let go? possible affiliation).
Thomas Hatchett (involved terrorist)

Zegon invisible mob(never explained, seen or killed, responsible for several deaths during the mutant event)

Under-Secretary of Colonial Affairs
Mr Otto Kummel

Professor Jensen(found the first orb-disappeared)

"Ivan" (touched the orb-died-skin burnt away turned completly black,started spreading)

Professor Almon Duchev (researched the orbs-captured-turned umbra?)

Made up/in game:
SCAM(Society of Calypsians against Animal Maltreatment)

RWI research wildlife institute

CRT calypso rescue team

CORI calypso occult research institute

Code names:
Project entropia(end of the robot war)

Duchev logs:

History of Calypso:

Calypso news archives: (release notes from 2005-2009)

08-12 (release notes from 08-12)
no longer works can't find any existing archive stretching that far either

hope you all have a good read and a nice stroll down memory lane.