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Nov 2, 2005
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This thread is basically a quick way to provide everyone with updates on developments in the three Entropia Museums.

If you have not yet visited all of them the Hunting Museum is in Atlas Island South, the Mining and Crafting Museum in West Hadesheim and the Museum of Fine Arts in New Oxford.

You can find details of the current exhibits in each museum and directions on how to find them in the links in the siggie below.

Your feedback is always welcome :)
This weekend (12th-13th May) is the last chance for you to see the Museum Of Fine Arts exhibition: The Development of Entropian Art 2003-2007 (see siggie for exhibition details).

The Fine Arts Museum will then be closed from Monday to Wednesday nest week to set up the summer exhibition. This opens next Thursday; further details will be posted here next week.
Creating Entropian Art: Approaches and Possibilities

The Entropia Museum of Fine Arts Summer Exhibition

Billton Tower 1, 4h

Open from Thursday 17th May

The Museum of Fine Arts is in the city of New Oxford, in Billton Tower 1, 4H. This is 150 yards east of Billton Towers TP. To reach it from the New Oxford TP run up to the Deer and turn left- the tower is just past the New Oxford Art Galleries building.

It is only a few months since it became possible for participants to create their own Entropian art but in that time artists have developed a variety of different techniques and approaches. This exhibition uses both pictures from our first exhibition and others obtained since to celebrate what the artists have already achieved and to show you some of the ways that you could move into this very interesting area for yourself. To get the detailed guide to the exhibition see siggie.

The guide explains the structure of the exhibition and contains comments by several of the sixteen contributing artists on how they created their pictures. Sources for further advice on picture making are also given.
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Very pleased to announce a new addition to the current exhibition in the Entropia Museum of Fine Arts; the very first copy of Bear's Aquarium Dix 1. This is a highly realistic and lively aquarium showing the first rippersnapper ever taken "alive". Bear here is developing a completely new kind of Entropian artwork that opens up very interesting future possibilities, which the artist is certainly planning to explore further.