EntropiaGold's: GoldGrinder - The Ultimate Grinder Event


Should've hunted in the event :LOL:

Should've hunted in the event :LOL:
Ohhhhh snap! That woulda been a winner for sure! 😖 it's also not too late to join... plenty of AMAZING jackpots still left to pop! 🤔
Any one of these 3 would be a very nice find!!

EntropiaGold - 7115 Gold
Atrox - 5068 Gold
Scipulor - 11840 Gold

Let's get some winners soon!! Looking forward to giving the winner the payout and I'm sure you are too! 😉
Fun fact:

The Scipulor Jackpot just reached 11940 Gold, or 11940 PED!!! Because 10k Gold is traded at 1:1 PED to Gold.

If won, this would be the 2nd highest jackpot won in the history of the GoldGrinder event! 🤯🤯🤯

Can't wait to post the payout screenshot here in this thread, once someone snags it!! GL out there!
Every time I visit PCF during work hours and see this EntropiaGold post update, I be like....

"ah fuck, did someone already get the jackpot while I was working!!!???"

Glad, it was Pudding's reply.

Today Star Natalia Power killed a Scipulor Young out on Deino Island S of Medusa TP. This was no ordinary Scipulor. She was stuffed fat with loot! It HOF'ed for 4k PED and on top of that triggered the Scipulor Jackpot in the GoldGrinder event! This resulted in Star Natalia Power winning an additional 11.9k PED!!

I met up with Star Natalia Power at the Medusa TP and cashed them out of their Gold winnings as seen in the screenshot, 11972 PED o_O

If you're interested in joining this incredible event, take a quick look at the fully interactive website: https://www.entropiagold.com/grinder



Everything in the event is automated! Solo grinders don't have to register, only teams do. Teams can register on this thread.

People really enjoy being able to see their account balances update instantly, compete in weekly top 10 events, and go after 5 different jackpots!

tl:dr Someone in the event won a ton of PED! Here's a 3 minute video on YouTube that explains the event
I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!
Do you have any favorite Sunday activities?
The early hunter gets the HOF.
Get out there and get it!
Believe and achieve? No, no. Grind to achieve!!
Have you seen the Atrox Jackpot? What about the EntropiaGold jackpot? 🤔

They are both 🔥🤯

Have a look:
TP II Chips dropping out on That Freaking Cold Place! Get you some Neconu!! 😲
Atroxes anyone?? They're looking juicy 🤣
Folks... We've got some jackpots that are getting a bit crazy!!

EntropiaGold Jackpot is at: 8284 Gold
Atrox Jackpot is at: 6024 Gold

Atrox are found Northwest of Nate Valley TP on OLA#02 Atrox Paradise

The EntropiaGold Jackpot can be won hunting on any of the 4 Land Areas:

OLA#50 That Freaking Cold Place - Neconu
OLA#30 Bibo n Bery Stalkers
OLA#02 Atrox Paradise
Deino Island S of Medusa TP - Scipulor

Happy Friday!! GL out there!

What a great day to Grind! Enjoy your Saturday ☺️
Good luck on the Grind 🙂

Yikes!! We're about to have a couple more HUGE winners!! We've got the EG Jackpot up to 8.6k Gold, and the Atrox Jackpot up to 6.3k Gold!!

These things could pop any day now!