Mar 8, 2016
Entropians United
Avatar Name
Ana Anastasia Vela
Our Website: https://entropiauaf.freeforums.net

To Apply: Either go to our website, or reply or PM me here on these forums. Or in game send a PM to: Ana Anastasia Vela

Alternatively you can use the in game Society screen, by pressing F11 in game, then search for: Entropians United
And click "Apply to society." For more info plz read below:

Hello, I would like to invite any new and/or veteran players of Entropia to join our Society. For new players, we offer starter kits, as well as a plethora of help, and guidance in the game. We have a discord server, and a website, full of useful and helpful information. We have done and plan to do more events, team hunts, and fair trades between members. We also have Mentors available if you are in need :)

Check out a team hunt event here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4kxE9cmaOL0

For veteran players, we are looking for individuals who are open to helping the society to grow. There are positions available for recruiters and discord mods and will be some PED incentives if interested.

A little about us: This society was formed in February of 2020, by the co leader of an older society that had gone defunct (United Armed Forces) Our roster consists of 30 players currently, many of them are new, but we have a few veterans as well. The society is a friendly atmosphere and everybody gets along well. There is room for growth and progression for those interested. We accept anyone that enjoys the game, but would like a community with others to share knowledge and just have a fun time in this digital world. We have the goal of trying to remain as active as possible in society chat, as well as website and discord servers. that being said, we understand the RL comes first, and also that Entropia is not a "traditional" MMO, compared to say, WoW, EQ, ESO, etc. There are no need to "fill raid spots" or even to "have" to group up. So many players just are not very social, and prefer to play solo for the most part. which is fine, if that's your way of playing.

There are no "requirements" as far as how long you have played, your skill level, your location, depositor or F2P or how many hours you put into the game each week. Very relaxed community and we understand everyone has different need, wants, and living situations. The ONLY req, if you call it that, would be, that we do not allow members to scam, swindle,troll,harass, or abuse any other members or any avatars in the Entropia community in general.

So, again if interested, look up above for the ways to apply, or feel free to ask any other questions you may have,thanks and GL out there and Happy HOF