entropiauniverse login server not responding


Nov 24, 2017
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GermanMan GermanMan GermanMan
I just wanted to log into my account on the eu website. But the server is not responding. The message appears.
Server not responding properly. Please try again later.

Can anyone confirm this?
This is a very common issue lately:

Try if it works on your phone, on a different IP (WiFi off). If it works, use the chatfunction on the site and let them know that you're having issues. The problem usually fixes itself after 24 hours (don't try to log in on the IP that isn't working in meanwhile).
Thanks for the info

It works via cell phone.
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Just minutes later, I had to call Live Support again. I have a new cell phone and the pocket app wasn't working. Deactivated it on the old one and then it didn't work. No QR code for the new phone. Again, Live Support quickly explained to me what I had to do and how. It's a really good setup.
I've got the same issue, both trying to log in to the game and the support page. I've tryed to contact support by mail, but all I get is an autoreply telling me to use the support page, but since I can't login there it doesn't realy help.
I do not have the phone app either so I'm have no clue how to solve this.
Contact the live chat. It worked great. They'll tell you what you need to do. It took me less than 30 minutes.