Suggestion: EU 3.0, loving it, still much work to be done!


Jun 2, 2005
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George Geo Clone
I am very pleased with the progress and changes that I have seen in 2019. :wtg:

The new MA and CEO are indeed a breath of fresh air. Keep up the great work and focusing on the game as a priority for the company. Avoid wasting anymore money on side projects that will likely fail. :wise:

What I would like to see in 2020 would be the focus on polishing the new/old systems and addressing the number of bugs that have been around for years, as well as the newer ones that have appeared.
Fixing and improving on all the existing systems, textures, items and lighting of areas will likely take some time, but will have a huge impact on the player experience in game and retention imo.
Please make this a priority.
Improving all terrain textures is a good example of the potential, that has been mentioned in this thread.

And of course I would like to see more space updates.
There is so much potential revenue that is being overlooked.
Add big space bosses, wave spawns, events etc, and adding an asteroid style space station at every nesting grounds would be nice for small ships to be able to hunt and not to have to fly back to planet ss for repairs and terminals, after only a couple kills.
It is not practical to hunt in these places with a vtol or quad unless you have a mothership.

mg Joda VVV

Oct 31, 2006
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mg Joda VVV VVV
However today someone with a skilled avatar, and L gear, can get nothing.
Disagree. U can get nothing with UL gear aswell.

Its just hard to get enough high L gear at a high tier to compete with Tiered UL gear.
This makes sense.

What i get out of this is u wanna compete with sub par gear.

L gear was never intented for grind competitions imo, since they kept releasing UL gear.

Not that im opposed to change, imo all UL gear gots to go.


Nov 30, 2016
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John Duhword Boy
Not that im opposed to change, imo all UL gear gots to go.
I don't really know why you are opposed to UL gear, many people wouldn't play without UL gear, just as many people don't buy disposable Chinese garbage in real life. L gear is incredibly overpowered in my opinion, I placed in CAT 5 easter with a LR45 with high tier numbers... just ridiculous lol.