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Dec 6, 2006
Ohio, United States
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EggRoll One Dolla
I am currently passing along this note...

"I am pleased to announce that the very first entry in the newly-created "EU Fan Fiction" section at MSM has been published ...

Entropian EggRoll One Dolla gives birth to the new section with his offering of "My Day on Calypso" - so take the time to give it a read - he shared that this was his actual day in Entropia and a true story, so congratulations are also in order ...

Anyone else inspired to write EU fan fiction and have their own channel at MSM, shoot me a message and let's chat ..."


I hope my story within EU allows more of us to create wonderful pieces of storytelling so here is the link to my story. I hope everyone enjoys reading it and any comments are certainly welcome.

Here is your link :
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