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Captain Jack

Dec 28, 2010
Since my first day I have always had a dream of making a big withdrawal from Entropia and buying a house. It is time to make that dream a reality! For a limited time I will be placing a handful of my higher end assets on the market. And before anyone asks, no I am not quitting. I will be keeping everything I need to maintain my current level of game play.
If you are ready to be done depositing and begin regular withdrawals, now is your chance.

Songkra Valley

Easily the most appealing land area I have ever owned. The mobs drop good markup and have repeatable missions that give some of the most useful skills as rewards. When I offered this LA for lease I received multiple offers (including buyout) within 24 hours. Currently on a month to month lease bringing me 3K PED/month completely passively, giving the manager the opportunity for substantially higher profits.

Price: 299K

OLA 65

One of the few land areas to hit the market in the last few years with no viable competition from any other land area. Populated with 3x Shinkiba DNA, these mid level mobs drop remarkably good markup for a Calypso mob.
Under previous management this land area produced a net 60K PED profit per year, and sold for about 300K PED. With the advent of double dipping and repeatable iron missions to come, this land area bears the potential to outshine it's prior glory days.

Price: 199K

Starfinder XXXVI

NeverDie's old privateer, the XXXVI is the second toughest ship in Space behind the Normandie. Multiple shots by quad wing don't even scratch the paint, rendering this ship borderline unsinkable. At the height of piracy I would warp with 50k+ in loot on me, immune to pirates. Enough SI to gather and shoot down clusters of mobs solo before going down to the engine room for repairs. The small size of the interior makes it much easier to navigate than a mothership, but it can still hold up to 500 passengers. Warp services, space hunting, repair skilling, interplanetary trade routes, whatever your plans are this ship has the structural integrity to do it. When the long awaited space update is finally released only a few ships will take the lead. Will yours be one of them?

Price: 99K

Improved FAP FEN Edition

The skillgains on this fap are disproportionally high compared to decay. During a skill gain test it yielded 74 PED net market value of skills after 48 PED of decay. This fap can be an incredible money maker in the right hands. It is also incredibly efficient and provides enough heal/sec for hunting the biggest mobs in the game or staying alive in PvP.

Price: 49K

Electric Attack Nanochip 13 FEN Edition

High efficiency, excellent DPS, and wonderful DPP make this 2.0 MindForce weapon the go-to for unlocking Intuition, as well as a generally well balanced grinding tool for a remarkably low price. MindForce chips are catching on, get yours while the prices are still low.

Price: 25K

Kinetic Amplifier 7 FEN Edition

High efficiency, high DPP, and a whopping 40 damage makes this the king of all MindForce amplifiers. The perfect pairing for the chip listed above, or for slapping on your (L) chip to substantially increase MindForce chip performance and efficiency.

Price: 15K

Thorifoid Berserker Mace FEN Edition

Rarely seen on the market, this legendary weapon is the 7th highest DPP ingame, right behind the BP-70 Perfected.
Only requiring level 45 to max, this can be a definite game changer for a mid level player looking to break into 2.0 weaponry at an affordable price.

Price: 17K

Improved Trauma 6 Amp

It is unknown whether this item is unique or just incredibly rare. This is the perfect pairing for the Omegaton Power Claw Mk.6 FEN Edition, and is an excellent pairing for the Strong Claw or any other melee weapon it fits on. 2nd highest efficiency of any melee amp, higher DPP than the FEN amps, and outright versatility make this one of the most valuable additions to a melee toolkit.

Price: 9.99K

While I may accept some items in trade, I am primarily looking for cash to withdraw. So if you offer items I will value them at "easy to sell" prices.
If anybody chooses to buy the entire lot, we can negotiate a bulk discount.

Mac Farmer

Old Alpha
Apr 19, 2015
May i ask you why you have so much accounts ? And can you tell us exact from wich one we are buyin ....?

Captain Awsome Spears(200 k ath )
Captain's Precious Pearl
Captain Jack Daniels

Thank you in advance and good luck whit sale !
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Feb 10, 2006
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