expand range of view information command


Apr 21, 2007
Billy Bar
the Ministry
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Maria Mesh
When you choose view information command avatar walks up towards item in shop or estate and item info screen comes up. As things are currently this command has a very small range so if avatar cannot get up right next to the item item info screen does not work. The place command has a much wider range. Please expand the item info command to meet the same range as the place command...

Otherwise what you end up with is estate owner placing items that other avatars cannot reach when visiting. Especially annoying in shops, but also affects apartments and other estates too...

In my new shop on FOMA theres a pre-built shelf above the stairways that other avatars won't be able to reach when just casually browsing since the view information screen's range won't let them reach across the steps from the railing or up the wall when on the stairs, etc.

There is a work around by strategically placing items with big tables, etc. but this just looks silly. Why have a shelf pre-built in to a wall if it isn't really for use?

Same goes for 'set retail price' command...
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