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May 8, 2006
Finland, Denmark & Sweden
Antipodean Army

Was trying to get used to the new "sweating" yesterday again. And I have to say, I do not like it so far. BRING BACK THE OLD SWEATING!

I feelt like I was just pounding a key and the thing would not start sweat. In the old days atleast I would start channeling before I could sweat so I could see something was going on. With this new thing I feel like I am doing something wrong as I have to hit 5-10 times just to get the dang thing to charge up. This tho can be a lack of understanding of this new sweating "weapon". Thats part of todays free time doing, see that I not failed badly somewhere and not grasping the concept on how to use it. Yesterdays result in sweat was horrible compared to what I used to get in the same timeframe. I am expecting it to be related quite a lot to me beeing rusty tho.

Saw Alice ingame for the first time last night. Don't think she recalls me really (strange considering the amount of praise and pestering I sent her way with questions etc!). Fun still to see a char ingame you only seen on forums before.

I looked at my friends list yesterday, and feelt so bad as I could not recall what the people done to be on that list. But luckily I have saved notes from earlier so I know why I have put people there, just need to read the notes. Perhaps see if I can get back in touch, fun to have people to talk to and most of them have liked to laugh at my wild plans and nubish schemes to conquer the sweat market.

Entropia Radio, so I started listening to the radio shows that are available. Seems I mostly find old recordings that are replaying, but still fun to listen to and get the view from some of the "Big Shots" out there.

Update 8th Feb

Well, have learned a lot these last two weeks. Gotten a lot of information of changes that has happened since last I played. A lot of them! I keept up my slow sweating pace (too much talking and info gathering while playing!) and just enjoying the game. Many have talked to me that I should sell my sweat and get going with more lucrative things ingame than just sweat. Yes, this is my goal, but want to make sure I have a little stach of PEDs I can dig into. I know that 50K sweat is not going to bring me very far.

But I am sure that if i change priority once I reached 50K sweat to do 75% sweating and remaining 25% of my time to hunting / mining I should be able to keep that up without any major problems. And if I end up without PEDs? Well, just change the ratio of sweating vs hunting / mining!

Also I seen that people actually sell EFD from here on the forums for PEDs ingame. I actually started thinking of it, but somehow I got a bit hesitant to it also. Because some of my EFD some people have sent me here on the forums when they laughed at one of my newbie comments or similar, and kind of feels wrong to sell that EFD then. Think I need to talk to some people I like ingame and see their stance on it, or maybe you as a reader have a comment about it? Is it right or wrong?

Update 22nd Feb

Not much to say atm. Sadly I have not really found more people to talk to ingame, my own problem this as I have not really been that social when playing. I mostly listen to music and do my sweating, read forums and try to follow the trades that are going on to learn the value of items.

I got stuck on reading on shopkeeper pads, need to find more info about those. Not that I think I will own one anytime soon, but it seems very nifty. I wonder if people would buy sweat from a shopkeeper if I had one? But need to know more about them, upkeep cost, how to get one (mob drop, auctionhouse etc), where I can place them and so on.

Update 26th Feb

Found the EF chat now. Been hanging around there some now for a couple of days. Seems like a great bunch that hangs in there and the jokes are going wild already. *mental note not to mention wollyjumpers again not to get Post fired up again*

Had a long chat with Dalas ingame last night. Good kid indeed. Glad to see him signing up to help us newbies out, good personality and sits on a lot of knowledge.