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Jul 30, 2007
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Soc mates are saying they are getting space summons from pirates hoping to eject them into space and loot them.

Person summoning in not on FL according to soc mate.

Anyone else experienced anything similar?
One of my pilots watched the ship in question make a few trips, flying out with no health with 4 quads around it. Once they pop it, they just kill the bodies.
Two simple words.. Stop it.. or else face the consequences..

Well if the pirates are trying to now "Kidnap people" just to get thier loots, then the best solution is what Joshua (The Super Computer said)

"Interesting Game.. The only Winning solution is .. Not to play..."

And frankly to be honest, this is what I am not doing right now... Not playing.. for the fact that these pirates are now abusing a feature and using it as an exploit..

and this means that they're either getting gullible people to fall into this lure, or causing the game to end prematurely..

Sad commentary about how a bunch of jerks are in fact ruining a game for everyone else, just to get money from everyone else.. It's sort of like the school bully wanting your lunch money... only in this case, now they're mugging you in the bathroom...and beating you up on the playground..

How would parents react if they found out their kids were doing this? what would they do?

Frankly they'd complain to the principal to put an end to it.. and in a hurry... or else they'll pull their kids out out school...

Long story short.. Pirates aren't thinking with the god given brains now are they?

and that's a compliment to the jerks in game.. In fact, every game has jerks, idiots, and fools who are ruining a game... I'll give a good example.. Yesterday my girlfriend got accussed in another game of being the issue and of causing problems, when in reality, it was a another player who kept disconnecting an re-connecting.. and then the problematic jerk had the oddacity to blame my girlfriend.. Now she doesn't want to have fun..

and that's the point.. Ruining the fun for other players is really a violation of the TOU and EULA, Most notably, this line from the TOU, and this is really a hard and fast rule:


8c. You cannot interfere with any other Participants ability to use and enjoy the Entropia Universe.

and this could be considered a violation by actually interfering with the normal ability to actually use and enjoy the Entropia Universe.. and this could result in the following:

5.2. Locked Account

Please note that if Your Account has been Locked You are still obliged to comply with the EULA and the ToU Agreement in their relevant parts.

I guess either the pirates are either depsperate for ped, or are wanting their accounts locked.. and even though I am against, Pirates, I say this to save their faces..

Two words.. Stop it.. (if you have a brin, listen to common sense before somoen reports you). Just stop what you are doing and realize that every time someone actually does this, this is actually a violation of Rule 8c, and whoever does this is subject to the terms and conditions of the Tou and the EULA..

And even though I don't represent MA , I look out for the other players in game, and respect the Rules MA sets down accordingly. and all the people in game should respect each other, be it pirate or common folks wanting to have fun... But you pirates who aren't thinking? YOu're just ruining the game, and risking the life of the game, including your own well being, just by pulling this tupid stunt. In short it's kidnapping, you're making some players misterable, and in the long run, some of these people you abuse, are going to leave.. Less people = less ped to the pirates.. (See the common sense here? No? Then you're more blind in game then I am in Real life.

But hey, keep going too, and lose yourself not realizing that this is in short Kidnapping.. and if you want to see what a kidnapper gets, Go look in the Real life news lately, most notably in Ohio.. a kidnapper plead guilty an in the end got the ultimate permanent ban.. a Life sentence + 1000 years without the possibility of Parole..

And believe me, MA would be able to carry out a summary judgement. Is that what you wnt? To be known as a person who kidnaps people against their will, and to in fact be banned from this game permanently? To lose all your assets both legally and illegally gained in PVP?

So in the end, I just say those two words to the pirates.. Stop it.. please for your own sake.. and for the sake of others, and the company.. or ignore this warning forom a fellow player and get nothing for your efforts..

As for the rest of the players.. Inform others, and if they want to quit, then that's fine.. if they don't want to play for a while until this blows over, that's fine too.. But to the jerks.. Stop acting like bullies and remember, stop doing this and start playing within the means.. and above all, if you want to get banned.. MA will be watching the cases aganinst you roll in and suddenly you'll be scrutinized by them as Cheats, liars and above all theieves and kidnappers.. You'll ruin the game for everyone, including yourselves...

"Why did I (or we) do this? It got us banned. It got players not to play and it gurt the gaming company as a whole.. Hope you realize this before the hangover of this hits.."

After all do you really want to risk your fun in game?

Well.. Do you?

Benjamin Ben Coyote
a.k.a. "The Blind Sniper"
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