Fellow miners!!


Dec 23, 2005
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Janis overburn Jekabsons
Ahhh ... the mining :(

I couldn't agree more. Been mining for a long time now I haven't been able participate in any mining related event for almost 4 years now since I started to play ( excluding random fossil DNA finds for total noobs , and usually hunters anyway, which I wouldn't call events).


Feb 21, 2005
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Skoker Shoe Sverpan
I agree. Mining event I want..

An official mining event would be cool..
"something out of the ordinary"-drops
or maybe dropping some sort of hints so solve a riddle..

I also think it would be cool to have a "jackpot" count.. an amount steadily growing visible on the HUD and the one that solves the riddle gets the jackpot.. every mining global changes the ore that the jackpot consists from..

Oh, I forgot, the event was to be created from MA...


Jan 31, 2005
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Great Optima Dane
There are 2 problems as i see it for a mining event:
1. Amps and skills. You should make an event independent of size of claims and skills. Amps is of course normal because i can't compete for ex in a sistem like most loot or bigger claims with one that put on some 107 and up because my wallet ofc; then u can make an event like hit something unusual (rare ) and then will be complains about the skills like i can use an z20 and strakkan an vrx3000, so who is more likely gonna find that II claim of ruga ;). And even if u specify that everyone should use the same finder is gonna be cheating involved as i can always use one deep finder, hit the claim and then exchange finders and take picture. So the only way i can think of a feasible event is that should be on different categories in skills like Mayheim and for each one the winner should be made by number of hits of something unusual or such and each miner should post at he beginning of the contest a picture with standing profession.
2. Location: it isn't really feasible to make the event on a single LA because there are many miners who won't participate knowing that the same piece of land is hit over and over so it has to be all over the map or such
I only said those things just to point the fact that in mining, oppose to hunting is way more difficult to put up with a decent events, because of the one mentioned above
However it wouldnt hurt to have more interesting claims from the ground :silly2:
Just my 2 pecs

The miningamps make it hard yes. If MA are involved though they could most likely "outlaw" using higher than amp 10X if they want to (or any amps at all) since if it shows in logs, its same as checking for lets say "amount of time" used in the Merry Mayhem events id think?
Theres alot of "quirks" with mining atm making it very very hard to set up an interesting playerrun event for mining (we need more options in event setting for that as a minimum), im guessing thats reason OP wants it to be an MA-created event (besides the obvious fact that MA more or less only make actual events for hunters) since they can do pretty much whatever they hell they want without the restraints we players have with ingame options ;).

One question btw: why shouldnt finder and skills matter? Its a skillbased game and a miner like Strakkan should have a f*ckload more chance to win than lets say me for instance since i mined maybe 5% of what he did timewise and probably same on money spent.
You sound like you want to make it totally random, thats not a "contest", thats a lottery which is a very different thing and has nothing to do with it (imo ofc ;)).

What they could do is make some categories so people straight from the startingzone arent competing with people that already mined for 4-6 years (again something similar to MM), with different prizes (skills and gear should matter!). If one doesnt think that then this isnt a game to play...

And yes btw id like to see more different events as well, its great that FPC opened up as much as they did on huntingevents so far (although maybe a week (atleast) break between major events please, and not 3-4 in a row after months of... nothing?...:p).
Craftingevens with current system is more or less impossible (besides dropping random stuff when crafting "regularly" like we have seen), that leaves mining, pking and hunting. Only 2 of those used for major MA events so far to my knowledge...


Oct 19, 2007
Why does a miner need a shadow harness?

Maybe not shadow harness, but i realy would love to win some jaguar armor part, due its weight. In mining weight is kinda important, you know....

Also Marco's answer, sounds like poor excuse: Ofcourse hunting are more popular, cause its way more developed. Put some development effort in mining and you will see prety much different results.
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Nov 14, 2005
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Jakob JackFree Freelancer
Now I'm confused, I thought you miner guys had more fun...:D

I'm a hunter first and miner second, but I can see where you are coming from. There should be events for all professions.

Cheers :beerchug: