Selling: Fi/Ra/Co Evil, Aug & A105 Mod


Sep 10, 2018
For sale:

1. Fi/Ra/Co Evil, Augmented
(blp amp +45 dmg; 75% eff; Dpp 4,438; Decay 0,6 pec; 111k shoots. Wonderful for long use without repair and it is more than double as Mayhem B-Amplifier Alpha (52632 Uses) !!! Waiting for offers. BO 11k

2. Omegaton A105 Modified energy amp.
+19 dmg,
+85% eff,
+38,9k uses before repeiring,
Decay: 0,473 pec

3. Halloween Ring 2022
***Left Hand***
+10% Increased run speed
+3% Increased reload speed
+8% Increased critical damage
+10hp Increased health
+4% Increased critical chance
Perfect ring for events and daily use. Save a lot of peds in long run. Fit with a lot of Right hand's rings, what makes more sence. Only 11k ped right now. But possible on migration prices will goes up. So take a chance to get one now :) Hallo 22 Ring SOLD !

Pm me here or ingame: Stella Bella Mella
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