Fix this godforsaken lag

Do you think MA should prioritize fixing this lag above all else?

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    Votes: 142 92.8%
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~ Cirrus ~

Old Alpha
Today the game is being unplayable again, every 4 or 5 shots the gun gets stuck and a few seconds later fires like 10 times abruptly. Also, loot events take a while to work...

Come on please, I really want to play your game :(
Same thing, always these freezing spikes... Every day, allways...
And not a word from MA, not even to tell us that they know about it, and are "still" working on it...

It's gonna be 4 months soon... :scratch:

It's hopeless.


It varies on this end but have to say I'm grateful that the asymmetry where mob damaged you while you couldn't damage mob got fixed, this is a real improvement.

Still can't wrap my head around the explanation that it's only because of increased activity. This occurred precisely upon a recent VU but well before Mayhem.

Anyhow, glad midsommar to the team and anyone who celebrates it! (Can any Swede tell me how many beers it takes to wash away the taste of surströmming? Maybe that's what's wrong with the servers...)