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Oct 5, 2008
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Marie TheOne Omega
I've been considering the possibility of exploring some adjustments to my avatar. I still have the free avatar creation opportunity, which IIRC came from the Avatar System Update (I think there was 1 from that update, and 1 from the CryEngine2 update, but I'm not sure if there have been any others), so every time I log in, I see this "Change Appearance?" window:

However, it has been a long time since I've actually entered the avatar creation room, so I have a few questions for anyone who still has this opportunity and has played around with it recently.

1) If I recall correctly, I can click "Ok" to enter the avatar creation room, and will be able to experiment with changes to my avatar without losing access to the avatar creation opportunity, as long as I do NOT confirm the changes from within the avatar creation room. Presumably, there are "Ok" and "Cancel" buttons (or something similar) inside the avatar creation room, or I could log out from the avatar creation room without confirming the changes.

2) Has MindArk ever initiated a new free avatar creation opportunity since the VU linked above, or announced plans to do so in the future? Even though I may want to change my appearance, I also prefer not to lose my "Change Appearance?" window when I log in. The window has become an integral part of my Entropia experience. I last convinced myself to use an avatar creation opportunity just before the VU linked above, because the new avatar creation opportunity would not have stacked with the prior avatar creation opportunity (I believe from CryEngine2), so I was able to convince myself to use the old one on the basis that it would be effectively lost otherwise.

3) I never quite understood the bit about the makeup mask. Do you get to change your appearance for free, and receive the mask as a bonus (I don't think I ever did get my CryEngine2 avatar creation room mask), or is the mask the mechanism by which you undergo the appearance change?

I am not sure how many people still have this avatar creation opportunity, but if you do, thanks in advance for any help you can offer!


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Sep 30, 2006
United Kingdom
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I did press OK once a year or so ago by mistake and entered the avatar creation screen, but I killed the application once I realised what I had done.

When I relogged in, I still had the option to attempt to improve my avatar appearance but as this is not currently possible, I declined. ;)

The other parts of your enquiry regarding masks etc are better answered by others.