Free Summer Mayhem plushie info


Dec 6, 2010
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A few people have mentioned that they didn't know about this (I did a quick search and couldnt find a guide here yet) , so just incase you missed it and it's of interest to you, you can collect your swarm commander plushie by finding the hidden soldier in the summer mayhem instance.

It's pretty easy to find once you know what to look for! Have your camera zoomed out and look on the cliffs on the left as you run through the instance, you will see the crashed ship and flag. You need to go back a little to find the big tree root to climb up, you can see that in the video below.

If anyone is stuck or needs any more pics or anything, will be happy to help :)

(It's a stream clip not a purpose made tutorial video but you get the idea! 😅)
My avatar isn't particularly skilled - is there any point in joining the Summer Mayhem unless you're level 60+?

I believe this soldier is found in level 9 of the Mayhem, so I'm questioning if I'll even survive long enough to find it lol
Edit: Based on the one youtube video I saw on the subject.
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Soldier can be found in all levels, so you can even just pop in to the first level grab it and leave, no need to fight anything at all really!