Game Plan


Apr 8, 2019
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John Closedfile McMullen

As I track my progress, I wonder how long it will take me to hunt some decent mobs like Atrox and Allophyl comfortably and I wonder how long it would take to hunt things like Neconu and Hogglo.

For now I just log in and skill while doing the starter missions; and the daily missions to collect tokens. I take it slow and aim mostly at the bonus missions which results in 20 tokens each.


Weapon Progress

Once I hit level 3 in BLP hit/dmg I'll get myself a
Starkhov LPR-3 CDF Edition (L) + ArMatrix B-Amplifier 6P (L)
I hope that the 12k uses of that amp will get me up to lvl 8 or higher so I can start using the
CalyTrek CR Soul MK. 3, CDF Edition (L) + Fi/Ra/Co Beast

Then I will have to burn through a couple of those until I reach lvl 20+ and can start using:
Leonis Special Edition CDF Edition (L) + Fi/Ra/Co Dante
I'll swap the Leonis for the CalyTrek CR Spirit MK.I CDF Edition (L) and later the CalyTrek CR Spirit MK.II CDF Edition (L) when I max those.

As a final setup at lvl60 I could go for:
Isis CB27 CDF Edition (L) + Fi/Ra/Co Evil Modified
to be swapped out for the Isis CB32 CDF Edition (L) as a final step at lvl 90

This is just the general plan; and I don't believe ever progressing beyond the Dante + Spirit combo.
I Want to find out how easy or hard it would be to progress to the Leonis + dante stage and how much Daily Tokens it would cost me to get there.
At that stage many fun mobs are doable and any progress beyond that is just fun at a leisurely pace.



My current armor Harrier Scout does little more than cover my OJs. And truth to be told, at this level armor is not necessary.

The next upgrade will be to Pixie Adjusted after completing my discipleship, which is a really good armor.
Followed by a set of Armor Plating Mk. 5B as a next upgrade.
This combo packs a surprising amount of C/S/I protection at a very low cost.

The next upgrade and my first armor purchase would most likely be Jarhead (C). Which offers decent protection for a low MU.
I want to have it colored with Plumatergus Leather Texture if it would look any good.
Add to that a set of Armor Plating Mk. 6A for hunting robots; and a set of Armor Plating Mk. 5D to hunt Aurli.

I don't know if there is anything after that. I kinda like Aquila but what would it cost and is there even a full set available. Although I might at some point buy an L version if it to play around with.



At some point I'll add a Bullseye 8 to my main weapon and my scope, which would be a Longreach 3.

Healing wise, I'm not sure what to use after the Vivo S10.
I might looking into imp/mod version of the EMT series. I like the stats on the EMT kit Ek-2600 Modified as a final healing tool. I like it much more than a restoration chip.

As last, I like to own an apartment in Sakura city. Just to decorate and have a place to call my own. I don't know if any ever will come on the market and if the price will be reasonable.


I know this is quite the worked out and elaborate game plan; but it saves me from having to think too much in the future about what to do or to invest in. And gives me more time to invest in hunting mobs.
This is also a very economical way to play EU in terms of MU.
Some people will say there are more eco ways to play, and they might be right, or mostly they might be wrong.
I'll keep a loot return log from the moment I get my first BLP weapon and let that log speak for itself.

I don't set any big goals for myself. At the rate I am playing I will get stuck at lvl50, years from now and loot is willing only to the blessed.
I dream of hunting Caperon, Hogglo, Aurli and Spiders one day; yet I also dream of having fun hunting Kerberos, cornundacauda and Gokibusagi.
Furthermore my goal is to have fun and above all a place to escape into. A land away from the mundane where my mind can wander and nothing really matters too much.