Price Check GYRO FAP-14 Smuggler T3.20

Jun 8, 2020

I own this Gyro Fap-14 Smuggler T3 and i want to upgrade.

I've no precise idea what price i can ask for it.

Link to Gyro Fap-14 Smuggler

Somes stats :
Gyro T0 : 39.38 Effective heal | 14.44 Heal/sec | 9.99 Heal/pec |
Gyro T3 : 45.50 Effective heal | 16.60 Heal/sec | 9.99 Heal/pec |

TT is very low (<20ped)

Stats are a litle higher than an Adj EK-2350 (16.40Hp/sec & 10Hp/pec) wich worth around +1k but it may be overpriced due to its use as component for Mod Ek-2350
Should I ask for +500 ? +600 ?

Thanks for your help.
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