Achievement: Highest HP avatar ingame and the story


Aug 12, 2006
Its neat to see an avatar with ridiculous skills, for sure.

I cant really say I would congratulate someone on this though, life is short, looking back on your younger years when your 50-60+ I can't see many people reminiscing about the great times of sitting in a coffee shop for 64 hours straight, peeing in a bucket for 8-10+ years of your life.

I have noticeable signs of arthritis/ tennis elbow, whatever you call it, in my hands/arms from years of measly clicking a gun/fap back when autoclicking got you banned. I would be curious how anyone could use a mouse for 20, 30, 60hrs straight and not be crippled, or atleast well on their way to health issues :scratch2:

It is nice, and helpful, to see information like this posted though, thanks for that. :wise:


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May 10, 2020
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Thanks for this very informative post. A really good read!

I just unlocked Combat Sense Skill yesterday and this post has been very encouraging to players like myself who want to get good at hunting. I use laser pistols and I am happy with those.

I have learned what I feel is some very beneficial pieces of information from you post. Not only did I learn a lot I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

Since I play games all the time someone once told me to "get a life". I said "I'm a gamer, I have lots of lives":laugh:

Anyways I wish you the very best in your goals and thanks again for your post!


Aug 5, 2006
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Thank you for sharing your story and for being so candid. It was a great read and really opened my eyes to a new perspective on the game.


Jun 17, 2013
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Boom, what a text it made me supernostalgic!!
Awsome read and may your dedication bring to you what you wish for in the future :)


Mar 20, 2013
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some guy replied to a post of mine: "Well its the right thing to do because Messi is doing it" (was about the importance of crit in 2.0 where a crit reduces the loot payout)

I was kinda annoyed by this reply so I said: "well because he is messi he cant make mistakes?"

even though I still dislike his reply (since I hate people that don't think for themselves and copycat just what other players say) I think I might have been mistaken there :D


Nov 14, 2007
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I've been asked several times to post a story but I felt like it wasn't the right time and that I had no legitimacy at that time.


Before we start please remember while reading that this post is not : A guide, an advice, a financial investment opportunity, a tip on how to play the game, a challenge, etc.It is simply my story from zero to this level, nothing else.Most of my story is addressed to 2019/2020 new registered players and this is not an interactive thread.

First of all I take I don't have an exact confirmation from previous holder of highest hp, he doesn't respond and I make the claim to surpass his previous 532HP public screenshot.If he decide to post an updated screenshot I will continue to do efforts and surpass him again.
Why is Hp so talked about, what's the point to discuss just about hp and not something else?You might ask yourself how is possible for my 833k skills to have the highest hp when we have others with more than 1 million with less.

Hp is basically the good juice of an avatar, all the good skills combined gives you hp : Here is the full list :, the more you have the more you can put your equipment and game style in the light.It can give you so much comfort while hunting bigger mobs and also more survivability in PVP and other events.
Hp is the way we measure thickness of an avatar, not by the amount of skills(in number) but by its quality because ultimately you want hp to do something with it ingame, to help you in achieving great results while hunting, hp is not a picture or a table of numbers just to read it, its meant to give you an edge over others.Skills does not count in number even though most people got tricked into that because lazy developer who can't code 2 lines but with tt value, obviously when you chip out 2000 skills you will not get 2000 tt ESI but about 12tt~.Skills early stages come fast but the more you gain the harder is for you to gain hp because in order for you to gain 1hp the amount of skill (in number) are the same however you need more and more of them in tt value.Everything comes normal up to 8000 points but then everything starts to be sloooow so you will have to shoot more or access better mobs to keep up with the gains.

Few facts on codex missions:
Below are the gains from finishing a repeatable mission :

For first stage skills Athletics is best hp pick so we go :
25tt atletics = 22.29 points @ 16806 points I have
1hp = 533.3 points
I need to finish 23.92 x repeatable missions for 1 hp


For second stage skills Courage is best hp pick so we go :
15.62tt courage = 11.35 points @ 18655 I have
1 hp = 320 points
I need to finish 28.19 x repeatable missions for 1hp

For 3rd and 4th Stage skills are irrelevant for hp or at least for this level.

I've put a lot of effort into missions and I don't have any notes in regards to how much I've gained from irons/codex or natural hunting.My own observation by the eye is that back in the day Iron missions were slower than codex is today and you would gain a lot more just shooting than iron itself by a very large margin.

Here is a complete list with all my skills to be studied if anyone care about :

I don't keep an exact log of how much I've chipped in up to this level but I suspect the value in peds is between 7000-10000 PED.I do remember every person I've chipped from and the approximate values and the exact skill I've purchase.I choose not to make them public right now unless they ask.Last skill I've chipped in was about 2 years ago.It was scientist.
Fun fact : If I chip in a full tt esi(1250 tt) for shortblades it will take me from 38530 to 39121. 10 tt esi will give me 3 points.

How I got here?
Everything started somewhere around 2004-2005.I was back then practicing for World Cyber Games 2004 in San Francisco for Warcraft3 and we were sponsored sort to say by a local internet cafe (TopNet) to play from their location only if we bring our computers.We were a group of players who managed to get 2 computers at that specific location and each of us took a turn to play games until we lose and then we swapped places and so on.
It was the era of internet cafes and everyone was hanging around in large groups playing day and night.

I used to play all day every day games at that time as it was yesterday.I remember taking 18-36 hours sessions with my friend playing games with so much passion like 24 hours wasn't enough.My longest streak was 64 hours without sleeping.

That was the first time I got in contact with Entropia Universe.The difference was that our group of players used to
like a different set of games which are more into competitive side/large audiences other than what was EU back then.I remember vividly that a group of 6-10 players used to come there periodically because the owners were also playing EU.We didn't pay that much attention to the group but on our gaming breaks we used to get in touch with some of them and used to make jokes about the graphics and such.
I remember vividly the answers from them were far far away from what we could afford at that time "this gun cost me 5000$" , "I am shooting down this mob and just costed me 7$" etc.
Everything in that regard was blurry in their circle, there were no guides on how to get there or to make money, I even remember at some point someone asked something like : "but is there any way to be make money without deposit" and the answer was something like : "yeah i know a guy in Cluj-Napoca (big city in Romania) who
managed to do it but it took him 6 months".Everything in their circle could be narrow under 1 word : MONEY.
I never heard anything fun related or social or any other aspect.It was all about money and money.

At that time my budget to eat per day was 2-3$ and I was literally sleeping on that chair in internet cafe.I was packing clothes for 7 days or so and was taking showers in a complex nearby from time to time.I was actually a nomad living in an internet cafe, sleeping on 2 chairs in the morning when the noise was low with only 1 purpose : To train for my dream.

It was easy for me not to think too much about it at that time as you probably would understand it was not my thing but I didn't investigate for more at that time.I simply label that interaction as not important , not for my budget, not my type etc and I moved on.

Fast forward in 2013 I used to play a lot of Diablo3, very anticipated game by Blizzard lovers.Short story is that I was doing very good on that.What you might not know is that Blizzard introduced real money auction house for softcore side of Diablo.Without going to much into specifics I did about 8000 Euros from playing 60% on softcore and 40% of my time on hardcore.Hardcore was the part where if your avatar dies once it dies forever and you can't revive it.
The tricky side was that gold was 1:4 or 1:5 so I liked the exchange versus the risk.
The part where blizzard failed was that they had no fundamentals in place and their whole story about the project immediately fell apart just like anything in their own company.I wasn't satisfied with the fact that every time they had to come and reset everything with every patch/expansion etc.I am not that type of player where is happy about having a fresh start when I always work the hardest in any of my activities so I said fuck it I need to find a new project where my work is being maintained for ever, where there is no end game and where i can build my avatar infinitely.The worst feeling was that I felt limited by developer.
I've searched for Entropia Universe if still exist just to take a look on it.I had no friends who were playing it or anything.All I had in my mind was the experience with 8-9 years from that internet cafe, nothing else.

I registered a new account and tried it.The experience with the starting area was HORROR.Worst thing ever in 15 years of gaming.I was coming from a blizzard background where everything ready to go, user friendly to this.
It took me about 4-5 hours to get out of there after browsing the whole google.Eventually I got out and I found myself in a random place I had no idea what I'm doing, what where I'm heading and what were my plans.I finished my bullets on some random mobs, dies numerous times, it was cancer.You couldn't ask anyone anything you were simple along in the darkness.
Decided to start read about it, It was probably PCF, I can't remember.I did it for about 4-5 days and the feeling I got at that time was so much covered in tales about information and investment with secrets everywhere.
Not having anyone in the game and not knowing why I should play the game i didn't continue with this project.
I still had the money from Diablo3 but I had no directions or incentive to play the game.

Few weeks later a friend of mine I used to sell him gold in Diablo3 asked me what are we going to play because he is in the same situation as I am so he needs a fresh start in a new gaming venture.
So I said hey look I remember a game from 2000 something where everything cost money and stupid blizzard doesn't reset your skills.Go give it a try its Entropia Universe.
After few days maybe a week or 2 he asked me if I want to play EU with him.I wasn't so sure at that time.
He is a die heart Real Madrid/Ronaldo fan as you prolly understand by now my nick name is based the greatest footballer alive Lionel Messi playing for Barcelona.

He repetitively asked me to play with him because he was bored to death playing EU alone and his persona is very heavy heart beats per seconds.
I said many times dude I am not going to play that trash.I did for several hours and I barely got out of starting area so no thanks.
He kept asking for a day or 2 and then i said ok look : If you want me to play with you then you gotta do this for me: You register me my avatar with my name/email on it and you name it Messi91 (91 because Messi scored 91 goals in 1 year which is world record all time) and then play that avatar until you get him out of starting area and bring him close to your avatar and when you are there I will log and we play together.Short into football :I stopped watching football after our national lost on penalties when I was 6 and I haven't watched football or liked it until I noticed a kid playing vs Arsenal in Champions League and scored 5 goals in one game and I knew since that day, that's not just football, its magic.I am not a football fan and I don't like football.I just watch Messi, no one else.
That was basically a proposition he shouldn't accept.I even went further than putting him all in.He shouldn't have accepted and I were not be playing this game today.... but he did.I thank him every time we meet since then.

So here I am on calypso on September 2013.
Everything I did was complete darkness.No friends, no guidance, no information.Zero.I had no idea what I was doing and If like what I'm doing or If I am going to play the game more than 1 week or anything.I just did it because my friend was happy with it and because I had the moral obligation to play with him since he registered my account and passed me through cancer (starting area) on his expensive time.
My friend who introduced after I introduced him avatar's name is 'Bwf'.He is a dood I know RL and he is very tech/digital person guy.In a matter of days he came up with tons of information I couldn't keep up with.
Everything he did I did so I can keep up with him and play with him at the same level.He had the money but didn't have the time, I was more into the opposite.I was hunting tantilions at fort isis and next day he was chipping to catch me up, he was very competitive and he also had the money for it.
I bought all sorts of things I didn't knew if I need or want just because he told me so.In a matter of 1 week or 2 we were both level 20-ish and ~10 evader.I remember he came up with entropedia very early stages and he told me to bookmark it because that will be my bible from now on.
I was playing and reading entropedia all day in the same time while shooting.He was the one leading the way, I had no idea what I was doing but I was absorbing information every day.
I remember he pointed both of us buying kobold + small plates and heading towards hunting feffoids at fort fury.I can't remember what healing tools we had back then but we were both having a hard time killing a feffoid outcast :) , we were teaming up the whole day long and after a long session of
being killed and doing our hunt at the end of the field we noticed a guy hunting feffoids like an absolute god: naked and without the mob touching him.We were like omg.Can we touch you? And this is how we met
our mentor : "Leo Blueman Morosanu'"
We actually begged to accept us and even promised him we won't bother with anything, or ask anything.We both finished it in about 4 days or less.

All I remember about disciple period is that 'Morosanu' brought us to hunt 'The Eviscerator' in a group of 6-10 people and that were actually destroyed by that creature.We did team hunt other mobs as well and also did a beacon instance.
I couldn't say we enjoy this because everything who touch us we were dead and I didn't understand what I am doing why I am doing, I thought its part of the plan whatever :)

After completing our mentorship I started more seriously to hunt feffoids into completing the missions while my friend had a small break so I was more into the grinding part without the knowledge he provided.What I was gaining as natural skill when he came back he was chipping so he was at the same level as me using the same gun.We kept doing this until about level 28-33ish where we both used kallous-6 if I remember correctly.Also I remember he advised that on every unlock we discover such as serendipity or avoidance etc, we should chip 10tt because the boost was huge at that level for us.I even remember first avoidance chip I bought was from "Afroman".

As you probably are familiar with around that gray period in your life as Entropian the lootious appear in your game in many forms :).He is that type of guy looking for patterns and all sort of things like perception, hot loot
deposit pattern and all sorts of nonsense. Fast forward until one day where he was pushing the game towards level 40ish ASAP, he purchased a set of martial L pushing that atrox hof.He did it for couple of days with no success.
At one point in our team hunts we met a guy Danlove.He was the one who introduced us to big mobs and shown us legendary locations and mobs where nice loots were happening.I remember we all did small team hunt on prots West of Oshiri.
We were all 3 plebs using super small guns but we liked the idea that we could shoot and run, a technique we call kiting in World of Warcraft or some might call it "hit and run".The idea is that you shoot a mob and mid air you run so you basically don't lose speed and still shoot the mob while maintain the initial distance.
This let us to the turning point where next day I've asked my friend if he wants to do a team hunt on prots and he said : loot is hot on atrox.We did a team name and we were both in it.He was the leader and it was something like "make a depo and get some" or similar to that.He actually thought someone from Mindark actually watch you play and manually add good loot if you keep depositing, LUL
He kept telling me that if he depo $10 Mindark see that and his loot is better.Even at that point in time I understand it makes no sense but I nodded :).Both in the same team he was hunting mid atrox and I was solo prots being approx level 35ish.
I even remember I was using very uneco jester d7 tier2.I didn't knew how bad it is back then but I liked it because it was exactly what I need to solo prot at level 35.High range and low attacks/min.It took me literally ages to kill one and I was dizzy after each prot.I had to wait to relax my eyes.
After about few hours of hunt our team got 10k ish and then silence.We had no idea what hof was and knowing both of us are shooting we took a break to figure out what happen.It was me who got the 10k but the problem was that he was in the team.
You could probably understand that he was upset at that period in game.He was visible disappointing by that, not because that I got the 10k but because the team he is leader got 10k and his luck is now gone.He took a 3-4 week break since then.This was a devastating blow for him.

In the meantime all I had was my feffoids , entropedia, entropia life and planetcalypsoforum and no friends to play with so I had to decide what I am going to do from now on.
While I was going for the iron mission on feffoids and reading all day everyday all those 3 websites I started to gather so much information.Days were passing by and my count kills were adding up to very very fast pace.
I started diversify my hunts into the classic feffoids/atrox/ambu mission.I was working on 3 way mission towards 5k.I believe somewhere around that period I got my 1st solo hof which was 1200 or 1400ish on feffoid champion and I almost fell from my chair.I think I can even today can go to the same location it happen, It was West of Aegis Mound on a cliff near some threes.That was one of those moments I felt joy.

The game was already expensive for me and I wasn't even at the start of it.I was doing efforts alone to keep up with it.I was reading as much as I could all day everyday.Eventually I started to combine the information given on forums with tracker and wiki.
Not knowing anyone and reading their stories was very hard.I had to determine who is right who is wrong, who is earning who is loosing and so on.If one of those 3 websites were missing at that time in life I wouldn't be able to do it but luckily it wasn't the case.
Also another rule helped me here which is fundamental in any domain.We express up to 7% of what do do by words the rest id done via body language, when those are contradictory you always go for body language.Its the same in Entropia Universe in so many ways like everywhere else.There are so many people talking all sorts of things but the majority of it is full of bullshit, only a handful of people actually do what they say and there is how you make the difference. Luckily for me it was easy, I asked the right questions and double checked their answer on what they do ingame, tracker, history of the game.Most of the time their answers were in contradiction with what most losers were complaining about the game which made complete sense because one was winning and the other losing.

I wasn't sure what I was doing and where I am heading but I was going very very fast and expensive.I had to decide whats next.
In the meantime I got in contact somehow with 'greuceanu' at that time BOSS of ROUA society, which surprisingly it was born in the same city as me without knowing each other previously.He invited me to a meeting with local Entropia Universe community.He brought to a table all time greatest local players and their stories.I had the chance to meet them and be part of the best presented stories about the game and their players.
This moment in life gave me a different dimension to the story I am having in front of my eyes.I started to do advanced research about the players, their stories, legitimacy and everything related to the meeting and started to analyze my potential approach into this.I analyzed the situation was very very well and I told myself if those players did it, I have more reasons to believe I can improve their results.So i started digging more into the game.Now more than everything tracker and wiki did the job for me and I started to pair them into an equation all by myself.
I did combine the results with the story I was getting everyday on forums and its history.I was reading the forum since day until 2008 and some threads in 2006.I was basically reading while I was playing 14-16 hours a day, everyday ever since I registered.
After a lot of time for deliberation I came to the conclusion that there are a few big names : Star, Stryker, Linzey, Hulk, Smilgs, Grave_Digger.I was 100% they have my answer but I had no way on earth make them talk to a pleb like me.I remember one of them looted Omegaton A106 at that time priced for 1500 ped.
My friend who introduced me told me to go pretend I am buying it to buy some information about the loot and how to get to their level.At that moment none of them were talking to me to a friendly level and now it makes sense why.

I remember we were somewhere around December 2013 - January 2014 where Stryker was doing FFA5 alone, I found out later he did the whole 500 ffa5 keys alone (1 hour each).I immediatelly went wiki and tracker and started to put the information given to the table.He was open and even told me what the good stuff he looted and all (nothing about tt returns or statistics, just juicy markup stuff etc).That was gold what I was hearing and couldn't believe, not saying he was lying, just that the amount of money he was making just from one mob was INSANE (at least in my mind).
My next step was to scan all the players above and bug them 24/7 with my questions.Some started to become friendly with me up to a certain extent.I understood they should be that way and I didn't cross the line.
On the forums I got the confirmation they are successful by all the other players hating them for various reasons and I understood that those are the winners and prolly those hating are the losers.From that moment in time I started to doeverything those named players were doing and everything opposite as the losers did.
So I started to analyze their mobs and why they are shooting them and I found the answer in my mind at that time after analyzing the AH (it was the UL shiny stuff and also uber's food ESI -empty skill implant)

This alone wasn't enough.I had to decide how I see myself in 2 years.How I am going to become from absolute pleb with no friends into a self sustainable avatar.I knew the stories.I knew how much one person can earn/month/year up to a certain extent.
I knew how much a regular successful player spend hunting so I still had to vision what I am going to do.

After weeks of investigation, reading all sorts of posts/stories, scanning tons of players, talking to the most notable sucessful players and hearing the stories of losers + knowing my abilities of playing literally nonstop I came alone to the conclusion of buying Improved A-3 Justifier Mk. II (IMK2) - aka cheat gun, ped printing gun, imba gun, level 260+ gun etc.
Here is why I decided to buy imk2 :





As you can probably tell by looking at those pictures now it makes more sense now than back then but I've noticed an increase in dmg/pec the more I was accessing superiod items.I've understood this is a competent ladder where the better you are and better tools you are going to use the more you are going to access better loots.
This design has a fundamental incentive applied for you to hunt more and invest more to later on enjoy your work.

I kept reading about the classic 90% returns game wise , I had no idea if that's accurate or not but after checking wiki and loot tables for the mobs selected by ubers and how fast they were looting unlimited items I told myself that's the key.I need to get to that level and be above that "90%" somehow.
With that in mind I was already commited. I had to do this , I had to finish this project.I had no clue what I am getting into, I didn't knew how much it would take me or how expensive it is, but all signs and all roads were getting me up there - imk2.
No one told me the result on paper with it or how much money they could make using one but i simply felt i couldn't do bad using it.Stryker once said in his youtube story back in 2010 that he had periods with 125% return (I never spoke about it but I always sent people to start study the history of the game).Stryker had imk2 and MM at that time when I met him ingame.

Getting more and more absorbed by the imk2 I understood early stages (level 40ish) that you have to max it to be fully efficient.Asked about 10 different ubers who used to play with one or own one what was the level they used one and answer differ from level 70-100 but most of them were level 90-92ish.
The above was already pinned in my brain.I knew I was gonna own one at some point in my life so I did my next research.

I told myself If I will have that gun, what can I do today to make my life easier, get there faster, cheaper and get good investment for the money I was planning to invest anyway.All roads were going to Hypercharged A204.
I was happy with my decision because I could use H204 with the current Limited guns I was using, it was increasing my eco and my dps while still maintaining that investment for imk2 later on.
H204 was my first investment in the game I've purchased, everything else I had was just limited part.H204 was my point where I knew what I was doing in the game, I had a solid plan and I was 100% committed with all my money on the table.
No one could convince me at that time I was doing wrong.The numbers on wiki were too good and I already knew that all successful players had one.

Later in my journey absorbing tons of information from tracker and wiki I've approached only top ubers.I knew they were the ones doing the right stuff while everyone else was just wasting their money and time.
At that moment in game I started to understand bankroll management is a key factor, I did understand that % for guns I was buying fluctuate so much so I needed low % for my guns far in advance.
This is how I met Aurora 'Linzey' Zamperath.Probably the best thing that happen to me in Entropia Universe.He was the key bridge player from my pleb life to the good life.I got to know him because I was in need of lc-150, I could have used lc-240 but they were more expensive at that time and lc-150 with H204 was more eco than lc-240 but not with much so I had to ask him if he does any discount if I purchase 10 guns + .He approved my request and we did the trade.We have agreed for low% because the guns were fresh looted from Merry Mayhem and somehow I had some deeds I got from a different trade.I asked him if he accept AUDs and he said he will for the price he can get rid of.He was a monster hunter at that time ingame.

level 45-60 was the worst period in the whole game for me.It was the period outside events where I had to supply myself with lc-240 and lc-55 both 120-130%.That moment in game I understood that you need to plan everything 6 months+ in advance and that if you have free money in your house you better have if on your pedcard because later on you can use that money into your advantage to make cheaper purchase outside events.
About at this level I had decide that I must focus on LWT/Rifle mission as being my top priority.I did not focus too much on anything else because hp or evade did not help to achieve my dream at that state of the game.My goal was to use imk2 as fast as possible.

Around that moment in life I was hunting Mind Reavers in the cave.Avatar "Christian UzzzY Desalva" took me there and presented me the mobs.That moment in game for me was like the hardest hit for me in the chin.I had 0 dodge and was full polaris with and got destroyed by the loot algorithm while doing so.But at that moment in time I understood what markup really is, looting radiant shards every 2-3 days.It was 700 ped each which actually saved me tons.
Even with that much markup I used to lose 1000-1500$/month but I was progressing.Nothing matter for me because I could see the skill gains more closer to my Imk2 dream.

At level 65 I met a nice guy back then which I learned a lot "Tara Tryx Qurzi".I approached him because he was constantly hunting proterons and by then I knew everything what a mob can drop from wiki table.I told him I can purchase any Lc-60 he can loot and my intention was to use it while hunting and that I am not planning into reselling those.He said he notices me hunting and its always a pleasure helping active hunters.Lc-60 at that time was 118-120% but he can go as low as 110% even 108% for me.
Later on he explained in details that period but I don't plan to make it public.Tryx added more layers to what I knew about the game.Unfortunately our ways part later on in the story as he became my enemy in pvp.

Level 65-70 was also very important in building my avatar.My friend greuceanu who intruced me to the Romanian community gave me the first item I ever received in the game without collateral.This is very important to be told because it wasn't his.
Its not something I would do or advice anyone would do but he did it for me and this is probably why he is the most important player in developing who I am today along with Linzey.
At that moment in time I met "Lola Ulpuana Lola".I loved that guy from the beginning and he was the bridge from my PVE approach to WSS (WhySoSerious, PVP orientated soc)

Commando Unlock -

Somewhere in early 2014 planet Cyrene came into my discussions with some friends.I did my research and I found out that the gun Greuceanu gave me is a ranked scorpion looted from a tide claw by "Zina Zina Razvan" which was close friend of Greuceanu.
I can't remember exactly if I used that ranked scorpion Greuceanu gave me or I used Lola's M83 I rented but I looted my 1st Unlimited weapon in my first 100 x dominant crabs near a beach.
At that moment in time I made some connections regarding how important is to develop into a better hunter and more diversified.

My next step was around level 70ish after deliberating with greatest ubers in the game whats best for me knowing that imk2 is my high end gun.If I should purchase m83 UL or rent one or play L.I couldn't get an exact answer so I had to stick to my gut feeling.I decided about renting m83 tier 8 from my friend lola.
I remember I use it for 8 weeks paying 250ped/week which was the best thing I could do.
Around this time I've made another significant decision that was about to affect the history of the game.I've made some analysis on recent discoveries and I found out some old time great hunter was using Earth Shock Trooper.
Had no idea what that is but later I discovered there is something new above your avatar that caught my attention.I was familiar with what crit/crit dmg is from Diablo3 and its impact.He said he did the numbers but he wasn't that serious into using it at that time because it wasn't a cult, it was more like a math exercise.
But I see things differently.I bought a set for dps increase using my ability to hit and run from other games.I could kill at that moment in time prots/osseo/tide claws and few other stuff with it witouy decaying it.I had no idea its impact on my loot at that moment in life, I just liked the dps(crits).
I've completed part of osseo/prots mission and I was already around level 75ish and still wasn't sure if I should purchase m83 or lc-300 or use L until imk2 at level 90-92.I would have used L but the market wasn't as diversified as today, lc-300 L and lc-340 were so few compared to my game style so I had to go towards one pick.After weeks of deliberating I went to lc-300 UL.Hulk looted one so I purchased one for 15k.

Shortly after investing into lc-300 UL Mindark announced Big bulk event.An event where in my first night of shared loot using lc-300 tier 2 and EST got me a profit of 7000 peds in one night.I went to sleep very very late at that time but the adrenaline of looting shiny stuff and peds always raising pumped the blood and my brain couldn't feel the time passing.I did shoot maybe 30 hours without stopping I can't remember.

Somewhere around this period in time I met a nice guy "Lucky Akbar Sylphe" which I used him as support shooting for various mobs I've prospected as being good.His help was right in time and very needed to access better mobs in range (primordial longu slayers and such, I even remember 5k team hof)
He introduced me more into the stories of Entropia Universe.I was more into competitive/profit/successful/elitist side.
One night I decided to hunt with my friend Akbar go for a shared loot big bulk low gen.Since we were level 70 plebs at that time I had to rent a fapper so I remember we got "Giurgiu Luc Marius" with an adj fap tier 4.That night Akbar looted for me an Unl M83 Predator - / .The gun that was on my lips
in the past 2 months.I've managed to get a nice 24k on it or 26k I can't remember exactly.By this time I was around level 80 and looted 2 nice items one might say worth of 40k.This was far from what I did lost at that moment in game but I am a man of fundamentals and I wasn't disappointed by the amount lost or gain.I knew if I manage to get level 100 and use imk2 those money were pecs.

Kill strike unlock - 27th Oct 2014 -
3 days later a nice hof with the gun I was talking about -

This is the period where my hunts started to become break even +/-ish.This 2014 screenshot might explain you why -
I could afford that gameplay, I was still losing but Akbar help was a nice touch for me to recover the loses to Mindark in order for me to advance to the next step.

Somewhere in the level 85 area I got introduced the the most game changing experience in this game.
I got Introduced to the best Society in game at that moment : WSS (WhySoSerious).
Lola introduced me and I liked the idea of PVP.At some moment around level 60 I even remember I went to kill Joker Poker Uber Smoker (greatest all time Pk'er) but I didn't knew exactly how big he was with my cocky
tier 9 lc-55 (bbc amped) full hermes.I've seen he global on mulak'f but he had his best friend BKK nearby so I got destroyed.
Maybe that alone did not introduce me to WSS but I went again knowing both of them were there so I was a pleb attending to kill both Joker and BKK all together made them laugh :) and very late I realized how dumb I was :)

All the good players were there I felt introduced to the heart of a new family.I was very well welcome and I cheer that moment.I was very happy with my decision.

Next chapter in my hunting period was mushrooms.Quickness came in time -
Mindark introduced the new up-gradable faps (mod 2600/2350) and for a long period people had no clue what that is.I immediately spotted the opportunity and jumped into them.At first 1 large mushroom was 450 ped each and IMMEDIATELY the game I was playing TRANSFORMED into a different monster game.I farmed so much caperons with EST and my lc-300 that I gained level 92 in a matter of seconds.The profit was staggering and my only question was : If I profit so much now , what happens when I max imk2?
From now on everything was on steroids.I was pumped, couldn't stop.
Around this time I was already profitable but I knew I am not even close to the max potential.

Events were there but I didn't care.Events was a domain for me that I did not even dream of competing and I was level 85+.I had 1 dream and only 1 dream to acomplish.Max imk2 and get that juicy peds to fulfill my dreams.

On 14th December 2014 I've post forum thread about buying imk2 -
Level 92 came in a matter of months on those juicy caperons and with about 6 months in advance I set a thread to buy imk2.I've managed to get one at that time from the all time best hunter.I felt secure about my investment.I knew those 105k peds would pay in a matter of months.
I started using imk2 tier7 with my EST not being maxed on those caperons.The period was kinda green-ish but not very exciting.Profits came but more in terms of mushrooms and small markup.

I've purchase the imk2 somewhere in Springs 2015 and I got Level 100 on 17th June 2015 - .My dream came true.All my hopes, my plans, my dreams came true.I was right.My expectation when I was level 35-40ish was around those lines.
At that moment in time I understood who was my friend and who was my enemy.I understood who tried to help me and who tried to fuck me up.Everything was crystal clear and I had no doubt about the game actually works based on a solid system and there is no room for lootious or hot loot or any other bullshit I got fed from the most incompetent players.

Once I got here I had to take this to another level.I started my analysis once again and started to investigate 2013/2014 events and their rewards.I've also prospected old pcf threads 2008 and so on.I also noticed posts of top ubers commenting on certain stuff and with my new lenses on the game everything was clear.
I was able to read the comments and the game from another angle now.I knew who the winners are and who are the losers.My decisions were easier.The only element I needed was time and money.

Imk2 + hyper 204 + EST and caperons was already too much for someone to dream of but I never stop until I reach the top.I was looking for things to upgrade this.I didn't knew how at that time and I thought I can improving just by adding more time to it (as by hunting more) so I was digging and digging doing scenarios asking left and right.
After few weeks of investigation I've came to the conclusion next level of what I have is adding mk2 sight+scope to the best setup in the game already.Once again I want to thank to the all the greatest hunter Stryker who helped me taking that decision and to "Ogulak Da Basher" who sold me that set.Took me 2 weeks to negotiate the set but I think it was the best investment of my life.We are talking about early stages June 2015 - .For most players this setup is unknown.My setup barely got known late 2016 by the average joe.I could add that some plebs heard about it when loot 2.0 hit.
I managed to get to this setup being in the best society at that time in game and had the opportunity to know the best players who helped me to what I already felt is fundamentally right about the game.

I knew something was missing for me to achieve uber level.I was very eco and could kill some mobs but in order for me to eat all the cake I had to access godlike markup (eomons/daps - top tier mobs).After tons of investigation on wiki and previous loots were taken place and all those shiny items during the history of the game my next move was 1 and one 1 for any top tier hunter : Modified Omegaton Fast Aid Pack (Mod Fap) - - aka the item that should not exist, most broken item, most valuable item in Mindark's eyes etc.

Already imk2 +hyper 204 +est+mk2 scope + sight+mod fap Mindark introduced rings at that time.I was already ahead of the herd knowing the impact of the crit/crit dmg when first perfected ares was sold for +70k~.
It was too much knowing the price I got my hands on that set vs that ring so I planned my buyout later.I had the advantage already from so many angles and eventually I bought an augmented one thinking I might go for an upgrade later on.

I took part in the most legendary eomon event ever for me where ELM were introduced and the profits were OUT OF THIS WORLD.My dream was far beyond any expectation.My setup was far greater than any anticipation ever.Not in my wildest fantasy I could dream of something like that.

Immediatelly after eomons ended got 12891 PED on Scoria 10/09/2015 - .This yet again was a confirmation over an another confirmation over an another confirmation that loot behavior was as anticipated and everything works as intended.Now everything all time greatest were talking about came true.
This was the moment in my career where I felt the most confident as I never been in my life.In this moment I envisioned this game as my full time job.Everything turned into grind mode/hardcore mode/ALL IN MODE.In this moment my checking account became my ped card and viceversa, knowing that I have no gain from having real life money in my account.They were much helpful into Entropia Universe.

At about this level I had figured out after so many confirmations within the game that you simply can't play the Hunting game at by "live the moment" approach meaning that you simply can't play it on what you have in hands, shooting whats in front of you and when you are done log out.You had to split 12 months into what's important to be done and have proper management for every single month of it and also make sure you are far ahead of everyone else when it comes to being prepared for every sector in the hunting profession.

Now with almost best setup ingame imk2 +hyper 204+mod fap +est+mk2 scope + sight +augmented ares I felt I had to take the game to another level: Events.We were somewhere in Sept-Oct 2015 so I had to make arrangements to place top 10 for Halloween 2015 and Merry Mayhem 2015.I had never been to an event before even though I was level 100.At that moment in time a soc mate owned a recently gun xtlc 1000 from a Easter Event he won.
We had an agreement of using that gun I was about to tier be used in events for a certain %.It was a win win situation and it was a greatly help for me because I didn't feel the need to invest again for another part of my adventure I couldn't control the outcome.
I've pumped the gun to a tier7 at the start of the event if I remember correctly and I've made the preparation for amps/L armors/buffs (nanobots) and every competitive part I could get my hands on and I could hear from all time greatest hunters.
With no experience about events and absolutely no help from anyone(completely understandable) ppl couldn't share any information about anything lured me more into it.
At that time we didn't knew how well we performed so everything was an enigma until results were official.

6th on Halloween Mayhem 2015 was my position and that was a very nice encouragement.It was extremely positive because I didn't loot a 5k and my score would have been 2nd if I did get one so I knew I could do it.I knew if I could improve my evader (barely unlocked Quickness on 21st May 2015) and my hp and every aspect of the event I could win it.
From that moment I knew what I had to do.My plan was set in stone and I didn't stop for a second.I kept pumping that gun and managed to get it tier8 for sure this time for Merry Mayhem.Just to make sure I was ahead of most competitors I purchased a brand new won Halloween 2015 from Linzey which was the first seasonal ring.This ring alone brought me close to the ubers giving me 1% lifesteal and 13% crit dmg which was essential for more dps output.
I've started to get back to the hunting and got rewarded once again because of my top tier tools and the understanding of the way loot works 15673 PED on Zeladoth omicrong 12/dec/2015 - .This wasn't even a surprise anymore even at this stage of the game.I was very confident that I am doing it right, was all in, all my casts about the hunting equipment were true and confirmed
over and over again, all I needed is to never stop.If I stop I lose.
I used a lot of sentinel L parts I looted from daspletors early that year for the upcoming Merry Mayhem.I honestly had no money left to invest in top tier armor.I used gremlin until level 200 but I carefully managed my L parts looted.
I knew well advanced in the next event what I needed so I carefully prepared for the big step.The most prestigious event in my eyes in the history of the game : MERRY MAYHEM 2015.
One year before the format was different : 1 spider is 2 points, 1 kerb is 1 point.Clearly the way was to hunt for spiders.
Stryker and his terminator had a video once on youtube I've managed to get my hands on what I've seen there blown me away.The amount of precision and the swap from each mob was PERFECT and beyond.The amount of preparation done to execute that was out of this world and I simply knew that day that the competition at very end of the game is fucking serious.
I've analyzed the history of events and once again found the same avatars and I started to investigate even more prior to the event.
The amount of preparation was staggering, cost wise and even more for me because I was a noob testing the water near old time greatest players with only 1 event participation previously recorded.
The format did change since Halloween 2015 with HSL being added for Merry Mayhem so we had 3 different mobs we could score a HSL (Kerbs, Spiders, Yule).Back then you had 1 try for 40 hours.You couldn't miss your shot so you had to align perfectly your performance.Using the history of the game once again in my advantage
and having the best players in the game in my soc made it easier.
My approach was to wait for regular joe to finish their 40th hours and see where they scored their HSL and if was very very difficult.The competition was probably the highest ever recorded.Early stages some unknown I labeled him as loser scored 47k spider in cat4 I believe where cat5 was the highest so I knew at that time I couldn't surpass HSL on spiders.
On the other hand I simply couldn't do kerbs because the history of the game and all time greatest never won by doing kerbs so I had 2 things in my mind at that time : Yule or no bonus for HSL (50% x base score).
I knew tier 8 xtlc 1000 + best buffs + best armor/plates/plates on mid avatar hp/evade is not going to be top dog vs terminator and tier 10 foeripper (previously 2nd place in 2014) + all the other all time greatest I was super happy with any top 10.
I kept shooting with all that in mind I felt I have to believe in my chance and push myself at max.Results started to appear after my soc mates finished their time and their score was incredibly good but none of them got HSL.
Since an ATH was scored on spider and the random guy compete for the prize it was out of equation.We had to score either on kerb or yule.At that moment I realized I should be lucky if I get top 10 even though I was very well prepared.
After 4 days of shooting 10 hours/day in the greatest event of all time somewhere around 30th hour I've managed to get a 4200ish hof on Yulebot5 which was slightly higher than the previous 3500 hof recorded by someone else.
I didn't put that much trust at that time in that potential HSL Yule but since the mob was spawning once/hour and you only had 40 hours , it was a fairly good chance for me.
Fast forward my base score was 72921 but since I got HSL yule that added 50% from my score to the final score so this way I've managed to beat for the first time all time greatest players that were all established in the game.
I was basically a nobody.I might have been very lucky ... or choosen. Or very well prepared? Or all.

Here are full results for the Merry Mayhem 2015:

Shortly after my highest loot at that time popped :

From here everything is History and you can find it here :

Achivements during official events :

6th on Halloween Mayhem 2015 *** 10000 PED Universal Ammo
1st on Merry Mayhem 2015 *** Christmas Ring 2015 + 50000 PED Universal Ammo
1st on MMOWC 2016 *** King Kong TG-U80
1st on Easter Mayhem 2016 CDF XTLC 1000 + 5000 PED Universal Ammo
4th Halloween Mayhem 2016 10000 PED Universal Ammo
2nd Merry Mayhem 2016 Christmas Ring 2016 + Mayhem Scintillator Heliotrope
2nd Merry Mayhem FFA 2016 (Soc team) Christmas Ring 2016 + Mayhem Scintillator Heliotrope
1st Champions League 2016-2017 *** King Kong TG-U80
4th Easter Mayhem 2017 Mayhem Scintillator Cobalt
1st MMOWC 2017 King Kong TG-ELITE +MMOWC ring +MMOWC armor part + extras
1st Halloween Mayhem 2017 Halloween Ring 2017 + Unique Reaper’s Blade
1st Merry Mayhem 2017 (SOLO) 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 80000 Mayhem Tokens
3rd Merry Mayhem FFA 2017 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 25000 Mayhem Tokens
2nd Easter Mayhem 2018 Defense 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 11250 Mayhem Tokens
2nd Halloween Defense Mayhem 2018 15000 Mayhem Tokens
3rd Halloween Annihilation Mayhem 2018 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 7500 Mayhem Tokens
1st Merry Mayhem Annihilation 2018 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 30000 Mayhem Tokens
3rd Merry Mayhem Assault 2018 8000 Mayhem Tokens
3rd Easter Mayhem Defense 2019 8000 Mayhem Tokens
2nd Summer Mayhem Assault 2019 15000 Mayhem Tokens
6th Halloween Mayhem Annihilation 2019 5000 Mayhem Tokens
1st Halloween Mayhem Survival 2019 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 15000 Mayhem Tokens
2nd Merry Mayhem Annihilation 2019 1 Placement Mayhem Token + 15000 Mayhem Tokens
...more to come

Registered EU: 1st Sept 2013
Commando Unlocked 5h June 2014
200HP on 29th August 2014
Force Merge on 9th Sep 2014
Kill strike on 27th Oct 2014
Quickness on 21st May 2015
Level 100 on 17th June 2015
Level 120 on 8th Jan 2016
Level 130 on 30th March 2016
300 HP on 2nd June 2016
Level 140 on 4th July 2016
Entropia Master LWT on 22nd Aug 2016
Level 150 on 13th Sept 2016
Entropia Master rifle on 13th Oct 2016
Intuition on 23rd Oct 2016
Level 160 on 11th November 2016
Level 170 on 12th January 2017
Level 180 on 10th March 2017
Level 190 on 26th April 2017
350 HP on 13th May 2017
Level 200 (first entropia master in-game) on 9th June 2017
450 HP on 6th Sept 2018
Doctor on 3rd April 2019
500 HP on 15th Oct 2019
100 Animal looter on 24th Oct 2019
Became All time number #1 Hunter on 8th Dec 2019
533 HP Highest in game on 11 April 2020.
...more to come

Except the items I've looted in those events which is public and can be investigated I can add from memory what I've looted or gained through tokens.

First item - Ranked Scorpion
M83 Predator
few Augmented ares
1 perfected ares
3x Christmas Ring 2016
Easter ring 2017
A&P Series Mayhem LP-100 Modified (purchased with tokens)
ArMatrix LP-70, FEN Edition( with tokens, 50% my share)
Improved Fast Aid Pack FEN Edition
Castorian Combat Mace Mk.VI FEN Edition
2x Electric Attack Nanochip XIII FEN Edition
2x Trauma X FEN with tokens
1x NeoPsion Kinetic Amplifier VII FEN Edition (with tokens)
...more to come

Skildek Negator Fen Edition
EWE LC-625 Gleamer
2x Halloween ring 2018
Genesis Star Excavator, Improved
Modified Shadow Harness (M)
A&P Series Mayhem BC-80, Augmented (purchased with tokens)
...more to come

To end this list I can add that my highest all time solo loot is 29820 PED on Ludark on 17 Jan 2019 right after I looted those juicy items.I've probably miss an item or two, I don't keep a list with those rare loots but I'm sure others do it for me.
This came as a surprise for everyone I guess.It did surprised me a bit but not as much.Behind this is a staggering amount of work I've done in loot 2.0 to prepare for this period and its not just work.
I've always put my full trust in the way the system is designed to reward the best tools ingame.

I don't track tt returns.I don't buy (own)deeds, land areas etc and I hope now it makes sense why not.Everything in comparison to hunting felt like pecs and did not worth my time and money.
I recently rented a shop because I have way too many things to sell.I am overwhelmed by the amount of items I am getting so I need to sell them somehow.

I can afford to add this story because I know everything I've said its true and its being done in loot 1.0.That particular loot is changed now and works under different formula but use the SAME FUNDAMENTALS.Same basic fundamentals have been applied to where I am today.
The most important thing to remember is that All the above was the approach used with the mindset I HAD AT THAT TIME.
Now things evolved into so many aspects which I don't want to discuss.
There are few top hunters I've learned a lot of stuff from each one of them and added to my gameplay but I'd say the most influential for me were Linzey, Stryker and Joda.

The whole process wasn't easy.
I stepped into the game with good heart and my image about the game and community was that its so welcoming and helpful.Indeed in most part is but the more I demanded and pushed myself the more I got into problems and I often got pushed/bullied because my dreams were too high for their expectation, experience, failures.I was not simply in line with their perception of what's normal.
At first it was: Why do you even bother trying this game, you have no chance, we all lose money.
It continued : Why do you even try to get level 100, imk2 will blind you, just use L weapons, the more you advance the more you spend.
And then : You will never reach Stryker, Star or Joda, they are untouchable.Joda has 24000 courage think about it.They play pre-alpha you just missed the train.The sky is falling.Just buy deeds.

My goals were never those.They were always related in staying profitable.Skills were on the second plan it was more of a result of my activity but I've made huge efforts when between events when I had the chance to gain some evade or hp or a certain profession.

I can say it was probably the longest and the most demanding thing I ever achieved in my whole life.Its almost 7 years of nonstop extreme work.Its all the experience gained in all my previous games I've played at the highest level.And all of it just in the purpose of competition and performance. I've never focus on other aspects of it.
If I were to do this again I would do it but this time faster with a larger initial investment and knowing how to approach the best players in the game and avoid the losers.

At this moment in time I realized that I did actually play a different game than most people maybe this is why I am often misunderstood.My intention were never to explain myself or why I do things the way I am.
I added the story in the light of too much negativity which I am completely against and in the same time I believe I owe something in return.I wish I could do more but I am not very convinced or motivated and the most important I want to remain profitable.

If there is something that I enjoy there is nothing that come close to show people they are wrong (not that I am right but they are wrong when they make a bold statement or an incomplete statement), I do that because of the movie that changed my life - 12 Angry Men - and I believe every Entropia Universe player that wish to achieve great things must see it.I am now glad I did show to most they were wrong and there is absolutely nothing in this world that can't be achieved as long as you want it and there is nobody that can tell you what you can do or limit your abilities to achieve what you dream of.
My main goal was to make money.I registered to make money, I continued to play because I wanted to make money and I will play until I will either want to do something with my life in the real world or I simply can't profit anymore because Mindark might not allow it.My mentality was always that as long we are 3 players left in the game I had to use all my abilities to beat the other 2.
Since I am able to profit in any profession (hunting/mining/crafting) enough to make a living I would probably stop at some point for human reasons and open who knows my lifetime dream (a huge coffee roastery and a coffee shop with me as main barista being there 24/7).I can probably stop now and do this but I want to make it properly with a larger investment.
I want to believe you can achieve anything through extreme hard work and I find a lot of rewards in doing it properly and consistently.
I encourage people to find their path.I found mine.

When I watch new players today registering they said they seen an ad somewhere or google it and you see them type for help in #rookie or discord chat, I already have that mhmm face knowing they will not get very far away into the game but its part of it.Its even more obvious when they play for more than 2 years and they struggle with very basic notions.
Entropia Universe got to this stage or at least for Romania because of the mouth to mouth marketing.A notion most millenials are not able to understand it and I am not sure Mindark is aware of it today.Reading charts will not improve the game, engaging with passion will.

The story ends somewhere in Feb 2016 adding that 2016 was by far the most profitable year in this story but its no where near the results in 2.0.

For some of you this might look complicated or unrealistic but its not even close to what had to come in preparation for loot 2.0.I might add the story on my approach to loot 2.0 but not anytime soon.

I did not plan to add my deposits but I've read unrealistic comments about me all over the places and its misleading for players who choose to become profitable.

*note that most of my items were purchased before 2016.Most of my deposits afterwards were just to collect more value from strongboxes or similar opportunities.I simply did not need money but I had to add more money because the more you have ingame the more you can generate doing activities.

I had plans to add more interesting stuff regarding the markup and profitability but after serious consideration I believe that the community is not ready to accept such numbers for 1 person to go away with.I might consider adding them later on.

Welcome to the most competitive game you will ever play, a game you can lose only when you stop shooting, welcome to Entropia Universe !
Very cool post. That is a lot of HP :thumbup: You are truly an inspiration to us all.
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I'm curious, over a half year since this post.. What is your HP now and are you still prioritizing codex for HP or towards something else?


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what an awesome story! I hope some of the people who knows Messi irl and know a lot of about filming decides to make a movie. This story would make an awesome movie. I also love how Messi never gave up even though there are so many people telling him discouraging reasons.


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what an awesome story! I hope some of the people who knows Messi irl and know a lot of about filming decides to make a movie. This story would make an awesome movie. I also love how Messi never gave up even though there are so many people telling him discouraging reasons.

Story is about big credit card with several people playing 1 avatar 24/7, not sure what movie material you are expecting here.

It was long term investment, sure paid off, but I would be interested in ROI instead cinderella fairytale.

EDIT: Since we got fairytale, I guess there is no point in asking for ROI anyways :(


Aug 14, 2014
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Maiko pSyCHe Jin-Jay
Story is about big credit card with several people playing 1 avatar 24/7, not sure what movie material you are expecting here.

It was long term investment, sure paid off, but I would be interested in ROI instead cinderella fairytale.

EDIT: Since we got fairytale, I guess there is no point in asking for ROI anyways :(
I think from his screen shot his total deposit was about $15k USD give or take a few k. That nothing compared to Buzzlightyear's CP purcahse. Or Neverdie's purchase of Club Neverdie/foma. Or David Storey's treasure island, etc. But relative to my deposit it is a big credit card haha. Everything is relative. Even if that is the case, he still caught up and became the best player. Becoming the best at something is an amazing feat. Especially there were so many nay-sayers around him constantly discouraging him. I don't think he have several people playing for him. He seems like a hardcore gamer who just Genuinely loves playing video game and grinding rpg games like D3 and EU. ROI is probably really good since this is now his full time job.
I'm hoping to see like a documentary style movie with some talented actors to play Messi and some game clips. And there would be a real Messi interview making comments about a certain key / emotional event. His comments would be like what was going through his mind at that moment. We would be able to get some nice advice on playing this game and it could possibly help some new players understand this game better. I think there are many gamers out there who tried this game and have no idea on how to play and just buys a high dmg gun on auction and lose all their money in a few days. They get angry and never returns and warn all their friends that this game is a scam. A movie about the most successful player and the road to his success would definitely help and show potential gamers that success is possible but not easy.
If anyone ever makes the movie please upload on youtube and send a link.


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This is great inspiration.

But dont forget that Messi have a ton load of cash in a avatar and virtual equipment, that could be gone tommorrow. It is a truly high risk investment. Normally you'd invest in to multiple things to lower the chances of loosing all your money. But due to how EU is put together (and you are do not own anything than the TT of your items / skills) its a heck of a lot money depending on the succes of EU.

Then not to forget that while a very high skilled avatar like Messi is a wet dream for me and others, many of the skills can't be sold for much, if not almost only be given away because people are giving skills away to go down in category in mayhems.

So i'd dream about having what Messi have... But on the other hand, with the sums of money in that avatar / gear and how Mindark treats its customers, i'd be very concerned about my money the day some kind of real competition might launch their game and could decrease value severe.

But i will still dream about having a avatar like that :)

M Rufen Power

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Well done Messi! (y)I knew from when I first heard about you, you would be #1.
You said something in the post which gave me great insights into the game. Thx!


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Impressive dedication and willpower, I don't think I could ever do that even with the items/money
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Its impressive that Dan Petrov had this HP like 5 years ago.

I dont see, for long time, Dan around. I remember see him around Hoggle provider without armor and this was like 11 or 12 years ago or more.


Jan 2, 2017
Playing on this lvl is not funny
The game you enjoy becomes your job,
A ongoing competition and when this all ends one wont be able to enjoy any other game ,like you used to Do before..
Because you trained your mind irreversible All the years to play on a pro lvl

Respect to everyone who plays on a pro lvl


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Playing on this lvl is not funny
The game you enjoy becomes your job,
A ongoing competition and when this all ends one wont be able to enjoy any other game ,like you used to Do before..
Because you trained your mind irreversible All the years to play on a pro lvl

Respect to everyone who plays on a pro lvl

Any relation?


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This is probably my last update that I will be adding.

This also unlocked my first mil

90% hunting, 10% crafting, no deeds, no lands. Markup items ads on top approx 900k~