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May 25, 2005
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500,000 Registered Accounts: Back to the past!

MindArk PE AB was delighted to announce on October 13th that the Entropia Universe had now passed the amazing milestone of 500,000 registered users. For those of us who have been in Entropia Universe for awhile, we have been able to see the evolution of the game. Have you ever wondered what it was like several years ago? Continue reading and join me on a flight back to the past!

My journey started nearly three years ago. Some may think that my avatar is fairly old, but let me assure you, there are still many people that have been playing longer. My first day on what use to be called Project Entropia was fairly exciting. Picture this: You arrive in Port Atlantis, all alone, no help booths and no manual to help you get started. Once you figured out how to move, you wander off into the heart of Port Atlantis and see lots of green dots on your radar. Yes, Port Atlantis was just as crowded back then, as it is today. You ask the famous question: “How do I make money?” Strange thing was that several people answered the question and one of them even offered me work. Lots of newcomers worked for other players either selling clothes, hides, weapons or whatever they thought could be sold.

Your probably wondering, why didn’t you try and find yourself a mentor or go out sweating? Sorry folks, that didn’t exist in those days. Most people would give you three options, which were: go to the oil rig, work for another player or deposit some money. I bet you are telling yourselves that the oil rig is out of the question, right? Well, that isn’t totally true. The oil rig was a good source of income back then. Many new and old players went to the oil rig and hoped to earn a few extra PEDs. The atrox weren’t the biggest threat, the powerful society named cK were probably the biggest threat. Everyone feared they would come over and close the oil rig. What do you mean “closing” the rig? Well, they killed everybody and stayed there for hours and no one was allowed access.

Making money without depositing was not really a problem if you had the patience. Hunting was still the profession of choice by most players. Longus were the mob of choice for a lot of players because they were giving nice loots all the time. Monsters were very slow back then. The trick to hunting was to shoot, turn around, run away for 10 to 15 seconds and continue shooting. Why run away? Players could easily outrun almost any monster in the game. If you ventured south of Twin Peaks, you would often see newcomers with their Sollomate Outbacko shooting Longus. Crafting and mining are still fairly similar, but more developed, than it use to be. Everyone still believed crafting was a profession for those who had a lot of money.

Alright, now it is time to talk about the version updates. A lot of players feared the new updates because after every update, the game was unplayable. When I experienced my first version update, I learnt about the terms Crash to Desktop (CTD) and rubber-banding. The terms are pretty much self-explanatory, but it was so terrible that some players made games out of the bugs that were located in the game. For example, player X would give a PED to player Y if he could reach a place that is located several feet in front of him. Walk one step and literally fly back 50 steps was very common after a version update.

I know one thing a lot of you would like to know... Was there ever a bug that advantaged players? The answer to that question is a big YES. As a matter of fact, there were many. I will only tell you about one of them or else I will be writing all afternoon. Does the ammo bug ring a bell to any of you? No? Well, it was fairly simple to use. If you were a hunter and could kill a monster within a minute and log back into Project Entropia, you would get the ammo spent on that monster back. For example, you are carrying 1000 ammo, you shoot a Longu within the one minute time limit and are now left with 9800 ammo, you loot the monster and you log out and back in to the virtual universe. Guess how much ammo you now have after logging back in? If you answered 1000, you are correct. The loot was still in your inventory after you logged back in and all you had to do was pay the decay on your armour and weapon.

Fine, you guys got me. I’ll tell you about one more bug that advantaged players. Have you ever tried looting a monster after it was killed by a turret and hoped you could loot it? I am sure you can see where I am going with this. Their once was a bug where you could loot a monster after it had been killed by a turret.

I have been around in Project Entropia to see the good, the bad and the ugly. I’ll tell you guys a secret, so listen carefully. I barely remember the bad and the ugly part of the game. Funny thing is, I am still in the game and I am still enjoying myself as much as I use to three years ago! I have not always agreed with what MindArk has done, but heck, I am not the genius who took the risk to develop such a unique game concept.

I know this game can only keep getting better, I know I will be here as long as this game is around and I hope you guys will still be around. The evolution of this game is endless and all we can do is watch in amazement. I often look back in the past and wonder how this game could evolve so fast. It still feels as if I joined a few months ago and I hope it stays that way.

As MindArk said on October 13th: A big thanks to everybody around the world who make the Entropia community as great as it is. See you all at 1 million.
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