Identifying multiple avatars


Nov 2, 2005
Federation of Free Wanderers
Avatar Name
Finbar Fin McCullouch
Most of the problems about scams seem to involve multiple avatars. Banning them would be a problem where more than one person in a home wanted to play, but we dont need to ban them anyway.
If MA fitted every multiple avatar with an asterisk at the end of the in-game visible name (eg Fin*) it would be obvious to other players at once that they were dealing with a multiple avatar.
They could then decide, for example, whether they wanted to trade or not. Simple for mentors to explain to new players too.
Worth a try?
who would decide who is the "origonal" and who is the "duplicate" :argue:

the three names and the order they are in are unique to a single avatar and can be confirmed with a scanner :eureka:
So if my brother decided to play PE on my computer with a different avatar, he would have to suffer discrimination in the aspect of trading just because we have two people that play? That sounds unecessary and that would make it so some players would be underprivileged, so to speak.
I agree that something MUST be done regarding multiple avatars.

I know that some ppl wold not like it and i understand it since there are real players that use the same IP. But i would agree to this.
MA can see that proably at the IP adress where the connection is from
but there ways to by-pass that.
If the IP adress is the same then you are dealing with multiple avatars from the same house.
That is wy the IP adress gets noted also at the time of account creation
same ip doesn't mean multiple avatars ( me and my g/f play from same computer )
and multiple avatars doesn't mean scammer either ( i have another avatar made while this one was locked ... told MA that they can delete it but they didn't )
the problem are scammers and that noone does anything about them ... concentrate on this
I reported a self proclaimed multi-avatar / auction manipulator, and MA could do nothing about it.

Scammers are a different story...I use to help develope, test, and run a security program for another online game a couple years back, so I know for a fact, that it is possible (and most likely) that MA can goes as far as even tell you what you have named your computer, as far as identifying what is coming from where...All that being said and known, there still isnt much they can do about scammers...what if for instance a scammers account happens to be at an internet cafe' ? I seriously doubt they are willling to lock out multiple paying accounts just to do away with one scammer or even a hacker.

what ever is eventually done, is going to have to come from our side, the players.