If I take one more step, it'll be the farthest from home I've ever been.


Nov 14, 2007
Reno, Nevada USA
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Drake Slade Corbett
I've spent the vast majority of my life on Calypso. Born in Port Atlantis and raised in Cape Corinth. I have briefly visited other planets to obtain the exotic items they offer, but never stayed for more than a few days. Now, I finished up all the Iron/Bronze missions I can do at home and have left for other worlds.

It feels lonely out here. I am on Cyrene doing Mang Chang and other attribute missions. There are many NPCs here, but very few participants. Cyrene is beautiful and offers some nice weapons and healing tools. But I feel homesick and miss my old stomping grounds.

Are the other planets as lonely? I've been to Arkadia and there were a few more people there, but it was still much quieter than Calypso. Are the other planets there just for us to go have adventures and gains skills/tools that we can't get on Caly? Or so some people treat them as home?


Feb 26, 2020
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Meister hrchak Nix
Hey Jake,

Welcome to Cyrene, i have been at Cyrene for few months now. And actually felt the same for Arkadia and Rocktropia, i guess it takes time to meet people, and build few habits, but i once you are over that, it starts becoming a home. I actually feel like that on Calypso now when i go to drop my loot there and sell it.

Overall i have noticed a small population increase in latest months, and if Cyrene brings some of the promised long awaited updates it might get really good.


Mar 8, 2006
Austria / Vienna
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Prophet the Prophet from Planet Zen
i've heard there are planets in this universe where the creators are in direct contact with the playerbase and even talk to them! crazy conspiracy i swear! :laugh:

besides that, other planets offer things that are long lost on calypso, or were never even developed.

one has to understand that this universe is designed in a way now, where one kinda depends on the other, just think about markup opportunities or each planets unique additions to this. hole. clusterfart.

if people would know more about all those tiering and markup sources, other planets would be full with players, and even moondeeds would sell. who really cares about 5% taxes and when does he do that? i'm just asking :)

ark got me with nice mob leather textures, and i had a blast for several years and kinda lived in the arkadian hinterwoods. selling tiarak textures for over 300% wasn't only fun, but also made me become pretty, and made me craft lots more than i should, even on nasty condition - cause and effect, i guess.

i didn't make it without coming back to caly up to several times a week, the auctioneer is my humble friend there. calypso is dead long live calypso!


PS: if space cargo missions would be real already, things would look different. lots of things, even the fucking emptyness of space.