imkush, and I stream EU on Twitch


Aug 1, 2020
Howdy, o/

I've been streaming on my twitch channel and I'd like to invite EU to join me.

My journey started humbly as I imitated those around me with instructional live sessions of Hunting and Mining, trying to give back to the game I've enjoyed so much.
(shout out to NaeNae and Impn for being major inspirations for my stream journey)

However, over the years the stream has (d)evolved into something of a hangout. Constantly flippant with ideas and topics presented by both myself and the Twitch Chat.
I enjoy streaming, and use the medium as a way to interact with others and meet new people, especially with like-minded interests such as EU.

I will say, sometimes my attention and drive deviates away from EU, and I find myself interested and playing other games. I seem to always return however. With that in mind, (as well as finally making an account to post a bst thread) I would like to officially invite the Entropia Community to join me in my adventures, trials, up-comings, and hopefully the fun that will be had on the stream.

I will use this space for any major updates as well as communique with those who wish to use the forums as a means to do so.

o/ Thank you all for your interest, I hope you can join my adventure soon.
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