Immigration to Canada coming to an end!


Mar 18, 2006
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Savannah Vixen Marie
Welcome Back :yay:

I am happy to say that there is light at the end of the tunnel! We were able to get the Medical Exam out of the way on Monday the 18th and the doctor said, "Everything looks good", and that he expects the results from all of the testing to be arriving in Canada with in 2 weeks.

Which really works out as our paperwork (which is as thick as a novel) is just about ready to be sent off to Immigration. Jambon and I just have to go through and make sure that all required documents are accounted for and put things in order, pack it up and ship it out!... Then we wait for an answer :D

For us here in the US, it's a 3 day weekend. With that said I'll be driving Jambon home to Canada today and driving myself back down on Monday. As the Sponsor he has to send everything in along with the payment. So if all goes well, I hope to be moving up to Canada before the summer ends!

So that's what's been going on with me over these last few months. I know that some of my friends from EU have been worried as I have not had much time to spend in game lately. Rest assured, I have not quit, I plan on spending more time in EU after this weekend when I don't have to share my computer with my hubby ;)

I'll keep you all posted as to any news from Immigration! Wish us luck :hug: