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The Empire
Since the old thread regarding Imperial Government could not be updated due to age I was adviced to start a new thread. So here are the information we have gathered so far. I will also try and specify the source for the information.

Imperial Government
Federal Empire of Earth - created by the Global Alliance to gain political power over Mankind regardless where they would be in the whole universe. Currently they maintain command of the solar system space defense while the defense of the colony (Calypso) is in the hands of the local authorities and the Colonial Guard.
Supreme Imperial Chancellor
Imperial Senate
Imperial Chamber

Research Defense Institute – RDI
One of the more famous government sections. Very much involved in the war against the robots.
EBN News 4 Nov 2005
Professor Niels Barton – deceased
EBN News 4 Nov 2005, 12 Jan 2006
RDI Official Trob Tedser - buyer of secret robot parts like Robot Amplifier, Robot Converter, Robot Second Entity Head and Robot Comlink.
EBN News 20 Apr 2005

RDI Spokesperson Randolph Vemlick - announced Operation Scarecrow
EBN News 20 Apr 2005

Imperial Zoological ?
Imperial Zoological Scouts
EBN News 30 Jan 2006
Imperial Forward Observers
EBN News 3 Mar 2006
Prof. Nus Magsun - disappeared in july 2006. Could have information regarding the annual Eomon migration.
EBN News 8 Jun 2006, 2 Oct 2006

Intelligence Service

Imperial Navy
Known spaceships types and names recorded during the Battle of Hypnos:
Fleet Support Vessel
- Julius Ceasar (destroyed)
Heavy Strike Vessel
- Anthony (destroyed)
- Vercingetorix (destroyed)
- Alexander
- Octavian
- Rameses
- Scipio
- Xerxes
Medium Strike Vessel
- Boudica (destroyed)
- Leonidas (famous for ramming War Titan Typhon during Battle of Hypnos))
- Damocles
- Pompey
Light Support Vessel
- Darius
Rapid Strike Vessel
- Tutankhamen (destroyed)
Medical Support Ship
- Eratosthenes
EBN News 11 Aug 2009

Imperial Interface
Major Rambaldi "Warthog" Inverness
-leader of a 100 men unit called "The screaming angels."

Imperial Science Department
Meteor discovered.
EBN News 29 Aug 2005

Imperial Explorer Department

Imperial Mining Office
Department head of IMO is Dr. Talia Makasty. Her whereabouts is currently unknown since the meteor debris hit Calypso some six months ago.
EBN News 30 Sep 2005

IMO was the authority who released information regarding the effects surrounding the meteor debris.

Harlan Macaulay, spokesman for IMO

Imperial Prospector Magistrate
Kemal Mordechai released the information regarding the new enmatter called Force Nexus.
EBN News 23 Feb 2005

Imperial Survey Bureau
It is not known if ISB is a department under Imperial Mining Office or not. What is known is that they helped IMO with information regarding the meteor debris.
EBN News 28 Sep 2005
AGO-22, a Imperial Survey team lead by Dr. Semkel investigated the effects from the meteor that was destroyed above Calypso on the 27 Sep 2005.
EBN News 19 Oct 2005

The Under-Secretary of Colonial Affairs
Mr. Otto Kummel - in charge of Calypsian development
EBN News 8 Dec 2008

Calypso Government
Calypso Law Enforcement Administration
Federal Crime Specialist
- Tamir Aghalla - investigated the death of Amerank Wackt.
EBN News 31 Mar 2005
Federal Investigation Response Emergency Squad (FIRE)
- Major Jac Carn - investigated the death of Amerank Wackt.
EBN News 1 Apr 2005
Federal Marshal Ragnor LoKrosse - involved in Operation Scarecrow
EBN News 23 Apr 2005

Calypso Defense Force – CDF
Major Jenny Carramone highest operative within the Calypso Defense Force, (Captain at the time of Operation Gold)
EBN News 30 Jan 2008
CDF Office of Propaganda and Psychological Warfare
CDF News 11 Dec 2008

Internal Security Section
A department under CDF.
EBN News 3 Mar 2006

Calypso Ministry of Culture
Cuggly Barl, minister for culture on Calypso
EBN News 3 Nov 2006

Calypso Park Ranger Association
EBN News 13 Oct 2004

Calypso Meteorological Institute
27 Aug 2009

Unknown Organization
Federal Imperial Forces
Federal Imperial Forces space divisions
Federal Imperial Righteous Guard
Earth Shock Troopers
Imperial recon units
Imperial Mountain Rangers
Special anti-robot rangers
Imperial Command Forces
DOA Strikehammer text

Terrorist Organization
PGC - Provisional Government of Calypso
Alexandra deWinter - Acting prime minister of PGC

EBN News 9 Dec 2008

EBN News
Official news channel - Entropia Broadcast Network - located in the EBN Space Station in Calypso's orbit
EBN News 7 Jun 2007
Sayah King - newsreader
Axly McBride - reporter
EBN News 23 Feb 2005
Shelly Nakajima - reporter
EBN News 19 Dec 2008
Jason Ferguson - cameraman
EBN News 28 Jan 2009

Famous Foes
Warlock - Lord Telleton
EBN News 10 May 2006
Thomas Hatchett - former mercenary with ties to PGC
EBN News 9 Dec 2008
Scylla -
Wastelander Reverend Lewis
EBN News 1 Dec 2009

Other Famous People
- Amerank Wackt - eccentric billionare and famed Earth collector and philanthropist whom was ambushed and killed while hiding contraband.
- Dr. Almon Duchev - investigator of the Black Orbs
- Professor Jensen - first one to discover a Black Orb in the western Eudoria
- Dr. Geovana D´Raay. Maker of Improved Omegaton Fast Aid Pack
- Dr. Macc MacMahon - inventor of Improved Fire Forge ARR 8000
- Dr. MacMahon designed the Modified Mercenary gun.
- Dr. Terrus - Optical Engineer and creator of Terrus laser sights
- Governor Dumpty (Fort Fury) also suspected leading member of PGC
- Chikara special foces Lt.Cmmdr Kawai Takuta and his group was the "Lucky Rapidos"
- Illuminox (a society of intelligent individuals)
- Machine Smashers Bravo Three-Nil (famous team)
- Mr. Alphonozo Beluri - credited for the Adjusted Omegaton FAP
- Prof.A.Grant. maker of akash IW36 Pistol(L)
- Roman Ram - tinkerer/inventor. Mr. Ram invented the Adjusted Warthog and the Unique Roman Ram Purifier prototype shortblade
- The Inventrue (intelligent individuals sometimes referred to Illuminox wannabes)
- Ximon Galax, Planetary Commander of Calypso
- Yssete Riemeriu. maker of Adjusted A&P Series Hero
- Pompeii Max - gladiator that designed the Chronicle armor
- Peul Forosixi - designer of the improval omegaton M 2870
- Xavyir Rugarnia - was a former Federal Calypso minister
- Dr. Aigner - designer of PaySafe Orefinder
- DeVries, a prisoner for a long time inside the mutant territory

Famous Colonists
Colonist Renlar Benos - discovered the Boorum creature
EBN News 3 Nov 2006
Colonist NeverDie - bought the Atrox Egg fron Tzest0s's
EBN News 25 Jul 2006
Colonist Tzest0s's - slained a Feffoid and discovered the Atrox Egg
EBN News 25 Jul 2006
Colonist Marcus Moody - discovered that the Feffoids had the Atrox Egg after Desert Rangers slained the Atrox Queen.
EBN News 7 Jul 2006
Colonist Paolo - recorded the slain of the Atrox Queen
EBN News 20 Jun 2006
Colonist Mossemeez - recorded the slain of the Atrox Queen
EBN News 20 Jun 2006
Colonist SirAttack - one of the first to encounter an Atrox Marauder
EBN News 8 Jun 2006
Colonist Cedric Dreicc Hafgolf killed the Thorio Warlord and salvaged the one-of-a-kind artif
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Regretfully much of the information I've gathered from my last trip to the EBN Space Station is lost for some reason. The archives up there has vanished and all recordings before 4 Nov 2005 seems to be lost.

Are they all the events Marco? Or can you add to them?

Would be nice to know a little more history :D
Nice thread.

Btw some other organizations&people:

Calypso Park Ranger Association - organization that controls mob levels on Calypso?
13 Oct 2004

Animal Growth Group - Possibly a civilian group
13 Oct 2004

Intelligence Services - an agency from the Imperial Government
14 Mar 2006

Amerank Wackt - The billionaire who stolen the Roman Ram prototype and was later killed
30 Mar 2005

Seize and Rescue - A team from the FIRE squad?
01 Apr 2005

Makarov - Calypso Law Enforcement Administration Assistant
01 Jul 2005

Dr Smekel - Survey team AGO-22 - i believe this team is under the Imperial Forward Observers
19 Oct 2005
Where did you find that information? That info was earlier possible to retrieve from EBN News om MA website.

Thanks anyway.
I've made some research and created a list of most of the news i could find that where ever published by MA.

I used the web archive to check many of them also EF/EP/EU-Chronicle forums and the current EU website, although i dispute some of the dates from news item dated before the last time MA updated the website to the new flash look, update which seems to have messed up some dates.

I have that list online:
Entropia Universe News

All of the news items there were verified but there are some missing.

And past a certain point into the past it is hard to find any info what demotivated me a bit, although there is on the web sources for news posted in the beta period. Also i've not updated it with the latest. :ahh:
Great work as usual Seamaster.

Here are some links to the Entropia Gateway blog, where I've been writing about the rich back story of Entropia Universe:

Entropia Universe Time Line Phase 1:

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Entropia Universe Time Line Phase 4:

Entropia Univesre Timeline: Epilogue:

What Happened to Zychion Citadel?:

...more to follow
I saw the lock icon and 711 as the last on to post on the original Imperial Government thread and I nearly panicked!! Panic turned to joy when I clicked through and realized the reason for the lock is to give this wonderfully informative post new life! :yay:
I'm repeating myself, but great work seamaster!
Good going Seamaster :wtg: + rep

Just remember to keep the head post alive now ;)
Federal Imperial Righteous Guard.
Former Federal Calypso minister Xavyir Rugarnia.
from the vain armor text.

Peul Forosixi. designer of the improval omegaton M 2870.
from the imp M2870 text.

Imperial command forces.
from the DOA strikehammer text.
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Is there a society in soc. terminal named Illuminox? If not, maybe we need to make one, lol.
Im 101% sure, there was a "Dr. Krankheit" (means sickness) mentioned in one of the item descriptions. Imp. MK2 maybe ?

But I cant find hime via the forum, entropedia or google :O
nice thread.. +reps for compiling that and keeping upto date.

Anyone know where I can read ALL of the EBN news announcements from the very first to the latest and everything in between?
lol nice that a spambot resurected the right thread lol now with all the talk of a government, boards etc :p
Give positions to the Calypsonian citizens

MA/FPC in relation with the player base could find ways & means to nominate/vote some active participants/citizens to some interesting positions in these govermental institutions ... Perhaps they could create a new type of ingame society endowed with new features ... Power to the People ! :grouphug:
Very nice compilation. I hope FPC will use some of these chaacters and organisations more in the future. They all carry a potential to be starting points for cool events.
Did all these people die this week??? :scratch2:

Do we have a new government?
Really nice summary but some history that seems is not included can be found in certain items. Like the IMK2 in the details speaks of a group called Dessert Rangers ( not the old society) and one of the blp guns (forgot which ones) speaks of a lord or king that these guns where made for.

There might be a lot of other items that gives some additional history on our universe.

PS : did not notice it was a old thread, but I hope the info was not worthless.
Added more information from the last months newsfeed.

Not good...lost a large portion of the text in post one...:eek:
Yes it is Desert Rangers for imk2 and I think Imperial Guard on Teg TR8.

Like the IMK2 in the details speaks of a group called Dessert Rangers ( not the old society) and one of the blp guns (forgot which ones) speaks of a lord or king that these guns where made for.

There might be a lot of other items that gives some additional history on our universe.

PS : did not notice it was a old thread, but I hope the info was not worthless.

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Found this deep under some force nexus on my desk. Anyone found something to add after 4 dusty years?
The today's greenhorns have no idea that Project Entropia once had interwoven backgroundstories and grand schemes, before Entropia Universe turned it into a soulless grinding treadmill...
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