In my cell at some CDF Intelligence Camp


Mar 7, 2006
Odysseus Unbound
Avatar Name
Jerry "Wollo" Wollongong
It's cold here.

I sit in a corner on the ground. The cell is 2 metres long and 1.5 metres wide. Apart from us, there is nothing in this cell. Us...? Did I just say us...? I mean, me. I am the only one here. What's going on with me? The voices, they just won't stop. Am I going insane? No, this cannot be. I heard that an insane person cannot wonder whether he is insane. I am scared. So scared.

I don't want to be here. I don't want to be in this cell, this camp. I don't even want to be on this planet. What was I thinking? Great riches awaiting for settlers who take their chance. I should have stayed home, and become a cab driver like my dad. But no... I had to look for wealth and adventur. And what did I get? A crap life on a hostile planet. Sure, they said there would be wild animals. But they would be easy prey for a skilled hunter. Their skins and bones would be worth a fortune. But these animals are nothing like deer. I can't even remember how many times I've died. You can't die, they said, we have revival terminals.
Did anyone mention that being revived is horribly painful? Like getting thousands of needles pinned in your body, and then electrocuted? Of course they didn't...

And now the revival terminals aren't working anymore. God... Jack... I am gonna miss beating that bastard at poker. Benjamin... poor kid... he had only just arrived on the planet when we formed our group. And Hellen... sweet Hellen... I never told her I loved her. I think she knew though. She died in my arms.


Who am I trying to fool here? I ain't no hero. Why the hell do I even fight the tears while I can just let them flow?

We need to get out of here, before they get me too! I've seen it... I know what they are doing. I've read their minds. I still read their minds. Can they read mine...? Another reason to get out of here. If I hear anything about the defense plans, they might know! I think they put something in my head, when they got me. Maybe I am a danger to everyone!

I hope the soldiers are observing me with a hidden camera.

"It's the JamRaiders! I don't know how, but there were JamRaiders in the attack. Before it, we all revived properly, but when they came, the revives shorted out", I yell, "Let me out! I want to go elsewhere! I must flee, for everybodies sake! Let me out! LET ... ME ... OUT ! "

We bang on the door, and it opens. We feel encouraged and we run out. But the guards are in the way. Why don't they step aside? Why open the door and then block it. The one on the left seems a bit insecure, so we charge at him. we punch him in the face, again, again. "Let me go! Let me go!!!" we also kick the other one in the groin. Man, that has to hurt, but we need to escape.

Left, or right? I choose right, and I start running. Behind me is a man with some sort of weapon. Only 3 more metres and I am safe, then I will be outside and ... (plop)


The planet is in ruins. Fire, and smoke everywhere. The smell of burnt flesh lingers in the streets of what once was Port Atlantis. Our attack commenced in the morning, when we embarked on our Troop Carriers. Our Steelbird air support had already softened up the target, our JamRaiders had destroyed their equipment.

The silly humans had tried the EMP again, but we have learned. We sent in some obsolete units first. Our plan was simple, but effective. If the humans had not used the EMP, the obsoletes would have taken over the planet. If they had used the EMP, their equipment would be dead as well, and the Planet would be there for the taking... plus that we would not have to perform the maintenance on the obsoletes anymore, that saves us a lot of oil and residues!

Everything happened the way the Swarm Intelligence had calculated.

We are invincible



What happened? I am back in my cell. I am tired... so tired... why are these people looking at me? And why is that interrogator here again? Didn't I already tell them all I know?