Help: Issue with Booth item points


Oct 13, 2014
Back in the last big update (December?) all the booths at Genesis and Omegeton had the "indoor" and "additional area" item points reversed. This made all the booths (including mine) basically unusable. 7 Support cases in 5 months, and not a single reply from MA, so now I'm trying here. I just want this issue fixed so I can use my booth properly again.
I have been to this shop myself after this came to my attention and the stats on the shop are not right at all, I have seen this with a number of shops around the area too, the people who own these shops will not be able to restock their own shops from what I have seen.
more estate bugs... gah. Reminds me of the post vu 10 mess... except you actually have some usable points. Back then we had no usable item points for many months... and then once they fixed it they'd screw it up a month or two later...

I think the PP dev tools screw things up system wide due to some interlinking logic somewhere in the system... so if any PP anywhere in the virtual universe messes with any estates at all it could screw up item points elsewhere big time like this...

Back when Medusa Head went up, but before it was on the 'live server' we had similar problems... only in the opposite direction since item slot count went crazy high...!-)&p=2625393&viewfull=1#post2625393 Remember, this is a recurring issue/bug/technical problem that's been going on for years... they fix it, a few months or years pass, someone opens up the pp dev kit, and blamo, problem shows up again... Might even be worthwhile to discuss with police, lawyers, etc. as problem affects multiple people, so is potentially a class action lawsuit because Mindark's 'promised service' (booth/shop/shopkeeper management via avatar) is not being delivered to folks that paid for it?

every time any pp does any major estate changes it screws it all up for someone else with an estate.

Edit: For those of you sending support ticket, gentle reminders about the past compensations to various members of the community for Mindark's screw ups may not be a bad idea to mention in your support tickets...
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No, there are no usable points, because booths don't have additional area
I hope this gets fixed soon, as a lot of the shops will slowly go dead, some are already dead.
Just submitted support case #8, under another completely wrong category. I just want a response from MA, PLEASE! This can't be a hard fix, just flip the numbers back to how they should be