It is amazing what you hear install a new system that is younger than 15 :) and turn sub-woffer off.


Jan 12, 2008
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Herco Coz Mann
I just installed a new sound system. I bought it several years ago but never did install it because it is such a pain. I have bad hearing so I always turn my sub-woofer off. The I one installed was a Z 906 Logi. There are moans and groans and all kind of things that I could not hear before.
There is something I found about the way MA handles sounds, that is, when hunting in 3rd person you can barely hear your pistol shoot. I thought it was my system and I fooled and fooled with it to avail. When I went accidentally when into first person while hunting it almost blew my ears off LOL.

Anyway just thought is was worth a mention.

If you have a 906 and are familiar with it PM me I have a couple of questioni was just wondering about.

BTW When I bought mine newer models had came out so I only paid 249 USD which was about half the price when they first came out :)